ONDC and Consumer Benefits

DR. PRADEEP SALGAONKAR lists out the various advantages of ONDC and its key features in providing a level-playing field for all e-commerce outfits Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)... Read more »

User Generated Content and Customer Engagement

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Consumerism and Implications for Marketers

DR. PRADEEP SALGAONKAR shares his thoughts on consumerism and explains what it means for the consumers and marketers There are two perspectives to consumerism; one, as consumer rights, i.e.... Read more »

Competitive Consumption

DR. PRADEEP SALGAONKAR explains the difference between conspicuous consumption and competitive consumption It is very interesting to note how people are consuming ‘competitively’ to keep up to the standards... Read more »

Trends of Consumption

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Unstated Employee Roles in Organisation Building and Branding

The writer explains the different roles of an employee that help in building an organisation Do your employees know their roles and responsibilities clearly? This sounds to be a... Read more »

Revenge Shopping is here!

The writer explains ‘revenge shopping’ and the objective behind it A recent visit by me and my daughter, after a long wait, to ‘Mall De Goa’ at Porvorim and... Read more »

Phygital: The Way Ahead For Customer Connect

The writer speaks on the hybrid form of enhancing customer experience and interacting with them Phygital is the new way of connecting with customers and enhancing their experience and... Read more »

Marketing Trends to Succeed in Current Times

Dr Pradeep Salgaonkar explains effective marketing trends to engage with customers and generate more revenues, in current times. It was from 14th to 16th February 2020 that I attended... Read more »