Blooming with Grace

With premium-quality greens, Pots and Planters Goa is on a mission to design, manufacture and share planters that enrich ambience and beautify spaces Sheetal Pai Kane is a fashion... Read more »

“Learning should never stop”

Profile of Dr Seema Salgaonkar’s journey as a professor and writer of female-focussed political insights in Goa Dr Seema Salgaonkar is a professor and heads the Department of Political... Read more »

Breaking the Glass Ceiling, unapologetically

Roana Costa highlights her role in the Alcon Victor Group and juggling myriad responsibilities in her everyday life. Roana Costa is the Executive Director of Victor Hospitals and Medical... Read more »

Designing Luxury with Comfort

AKSHADA KHAUNTE Akshada Khaunte whose brand Axada Counto operates on the motto of ‘Handcrafted with Passion’ sheds light on her unique designs and the talent that she brings to... Read more »

“Women need to be independent; and I feel we must all take charge of making our own decisions”

Dr Tejashree Colvalcar speaks about the various responsibilities she handles and the lessons learnt while balancing each role Dr Tejashree Colvalcar can be best described as a woman who... Read more »


BNI Samudra Chapter celebrated its 500th weekly meeting and felicitated ten outstanding women who have contributed to worthy causes in Goa In a night filled with enthusiasm and joy,... Read more »

“Learn to unlearn only to re-learn”

Dr Neena Panandikar, Principal of Don Bosco College of Engineering (DBCE), shares her journey through tearing down boundaries and soaring greater heights in the field of education Dr Neena... Read more »

“I would like the corporate woman professional to be two steps ahead of her male counterpart in every aspect of business”

Sonia Kuncalienker speaks on her career and balancing various responsibilities with ease Sonia Kuncalienker wears many hats – a Business Development Leader, an educator, a sales consultant, a blogger,... Read more »

Trailblazing the Depths

From the Arctic to the classroom: Dr. Savita Kerkar’s inspiring journey of exploration and education Dr Savita Kerkar, a prominent figure in the fields of education and marine microbiology,... Read more »

Embracing mental health for a magical life

Vaneeya Arora shares her expertise and vision for mental health awareness in Goa and beyond Vaneeya Arora’s journey towards becoming a mindset expert began when she was just a... Read more »

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