ICAR-CCARI Goa’s ‘Nutmeg Taffy’ Invention granted patent

The invention titled ‘Process for preparing Nutmeg Taffy and resultant food product thereof,’ headed by Dr A R Desai and the team at the ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute... Read more »

GCCI, GSIA unhappy with proposal to relocate Margao wholesale fish market and scrapyards

The proposed relocation of the wholesale fish market and scrapyards has displeased the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) and the Goa State Industries Association (GSIA). The recent... Read more »

Registrar of Co-operative Societies decentralises powers to streamline operations

To hasten decision-making processes, the Registrar of Cooperative Societies has decentralised certain powers and duties concerning the operations of cooperative societies to deputy registrars, assistant registrars, and special auditors.... Read more »

HC instructs Tourism Department to crack down on illegal constructions and businesses on beaches

The High Court of Bombay at Goa has asked the Department of Tourism to initiate stringent action against illegal constructions and businesses and further to keep a strict vigil... Read more »

Government modifies Minor Mineral Concession (Amendment) Rules

The State government has altered the Goa Minor Mineral Concession (Amendment) Rules to hike the quarrying lease period from 10 years to 30 years, permit the use of minor... Read more »

Goa Coastal and Environment Management Society initiates unified single-window portal for environment related approvals

The Goa Coastal and Environment Management Society (GC&EMS) has initiated the development of a unified single-window portal to streamline and automate processes across various departments, boards, and authorities under... Read more »

State Auditors to monitor Urban Cooperative Banks amidst financial concerns

The Goa state government is deploying auditors to oversee Urban Cooperative Banks in response to reported financial irregularities and scams within the cooperative sector. Cooperation Minister Subhash Shirodkar announced... Read more »

Goa Buildings Act Amended: Enhancing clarity in Lease documents and strengthening Landlord Rights

The State introduced amendments to the Goa Buildings (Lease, Rent and Eviction) Control Act, 1968, with the enactment of the Goa Buildings (Lease, Rent and Eviction) Control (Amendment) Act,... Read more »

Government initiates heritage policy to safeguard historic monuments in private properties, considers visitor fees

Subhash Phal Dessai, the Minister for Social Welfare, Archives, and Archaeology, revealed that the state government is actively formulating a heritage policy to address challenges in notifying historic monuments... Read more »

Panaji’s citizen-centric waste management triumphs in national challenge for sustainable urban development

Panaji secured its position as one of the 18 winning cities out of 100 in the CITIIS 2.0 Challenge, a national initiative promoting innovative and sustainable urban development. The... Read more »

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