50 Shades of Gold

Non chill-filtered and with no added colours or flavours, Paul John Single Malts are distilled in the warm tropical climes of Goa. Launched in 2012, it is currently available... Read more »

GI Tags for Goan Products

With the acquisition of GI tags for many Goan products, it will provide recognition and protection to unique products, highlighting their distinctiveness and origin Goa, regarded as the top... Read more »

Crafting Dreams

Thirty-plus years of ingenuity and of creating unforgettable experiences is the legacy of Crosscraft From humble beginnings to revolutionising the event industry, Crosscraft’s indomitable spirit is what has made... Read more »

Goa makes a mark in Pune

The Radisson Blu Pune Hinjawadi is an ambitious hospitality statement by Goa’s Alcon Victor Group  Radisson Blu Pune Hinjawadi, is a sprawling 170 suite and room hotel that also... Read more »


On our 14th anniversary, we take a look at some entrepreneurs whose grit and determination made them explore unchartered paths and turned their dreams into reality When it comes... Read more »


ARJUN SHARMA has been straddling across various entrepreneurial ventures – from hotels and travel to malls and organic farms – and building them for success A highly accomplished tourism... Read more »

“I see the spark of great enterprises being built right here in Goa”

Harshvardhan Bhatkuly, Publisher Editor, Business Goa, shares his thoughts at the Business Goa Awards Welcome to the eleventh edition of the Business Goa Awards. In deep veneration to my... Read more »

“In this age of competition, we have to place ourselves on a higher level”

Rohan Khaunte, Minister for Tourism and Information Technology speaks on the government’s plans on creating opportunities for the youth I would like to congratulate my friend Harsh for hosting... Read more »

“I believe that when you have a purpose, that is the reason for your being”

Dr Mukesh Batra, Founder of Dr. Batra’s Group of Companies, while congratulating the awardees summarises his entrepreneurship journey in four letters Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been wondering why... Read more »


The eleventh edition of the Business Goa awards was celebrated with splendour, honouring 24 awardees at a magnificent ceremony that applauded excellence in business The Spexmojo.com presents Business Goa... Read more »

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