Improving the financial health of MSMEs

The writer elaborates on steps taken by the government to facilitate timely payment to MSMEs.  The major grievance of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) is timely recovery of... Read more »

Can a ‘dead’ brand be revived?

NANDINI VAIDYANATHAN offers insights into revitalising past favourites and resurrecting dead brands   Let’s start with defining what we mean by a dead brand. In the context of this... Read more »

Ludo Perspectives

SAMIR MARDOLKER draws light hearted comparisons between business situations, etiquette and dialogues from the movie Ludo (on Netflix) My team hates it when I binge on Netflix during work... Read more »

Art and Science

Samir Mardolker sheds light on how to make consumption more meaningful by incorporating art and science I believe that the best products have an art or design element working... Read more »

The Power of Magic

Samir Mardolker explains the concept of magic and finding it in our everyday lives In a Netflix Bollywood blockbuster called ‘Ludo’, the protagonist explains his die hard ‘giving’ attitude... Read more »

Hybrid retirement: A new way of life

Mahesh Pai writes on the concept of hybrid retirement and how one can pursue their passions while still working  In the traditional narrative of retirement, people envision a golden... Read more »

AI and the future of Goan economy

D. S. Prashant elaborates on the potential of AI in various economic sectors in Goa and its social impact  The future of businesses is going to be impacted by... Read more »

Roadmap for the new Government

Manguirish Pai Raiker lists out suggestions to be incorporated by the new government to achieve its vision of a developed India  Rishi Sunak, UK Prime Minister recently cited India’s... Read more »

Eat humble pie, say what a good boy am I!

NANDINI VAIDYANATHAN elaborates on why entrepreneurs should be humble to ensure success in their venture We were watching a documentary on Disney+ Hotstar a couple of days ago called... Read more »

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