Goa’s thinker and prolific writer, Valmiki Faleiro, passes away

The Goan author has made a significant contribution to unravel the state’s history, providing answers to the past

Born on January 6 1956, Valmiki Faleiro, known for his exceptional contribution as a writer and journalist, including to the field of research, passed away at age 67, succumbing to a cardiac arrest on October 5 at his Margao residence.
At Agostinho Vicente Lourence School, he received a Portuguese education till Segundo class and then completed his education from Loyola High School, Margao and Holy Spirit Institute, Margao. He is also an alumnus of Vidya Vikas Mandal’s Commerce College located in Margao.
Faleiro was also the President of the Margao Municipal Council during 1985-1987. It was during the period of 1975-1983 that he embarked on his journey as a journalist, during which he was a staff reporter at West Coast Times.
In addition, he also contributed his insights on Goa to national publications such as the Current Weekly, Indian Express, the Free Press Journal Group of Publications (FPJ, Onlooker fortnightly news magazine, etc.), including local dailies and journals. Moreover, as a freelancer, he had also published his works in The Navhind Times, Herald, The Sun Weekly, Goa Today, Newstrek, Mirror, Newsmag and Detective Digest.
Held in March 1977 at India International Center, New Delhi, Faleiro received the prestigious opportunity to be selected for the well-reputed ‘Workshop for Asian Writers’. This event was organised in collaboration with the Authors’ Guild of India and Ministry of Education, Government of India, in association with the Federation of Indian Publishers, New Delhi; as a result of which, he gained a completion certificate from the former Acting President of India, B.D. Jatti.
Moreover, Faleiro has also played his part and wrote a few chapters in works like, In Black and White: Insiders’ Stories about the Press in Goa, a book edited by Frederick Noronha, that provides a series of essays by prominent contributors to Goan journalism in the past, who share their insights not just on media but also on issues and aspects relevant to Goa. Besides this, ‘All ‘n’ Sundry’ was a Sunday column written by Faleiro during 2005-2009.
Patriotism In Action: Goans in India’s Defence Services, was his first book published in 18 December, 2010. In this book, he provides the names of 350 plus individuals of Goan origin that were part of the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force and their significant contributions. He makes a mention of all those officers who have attained martyrdom, officers who were a part of wars, those in ‘Operation Vijay’ as well as those who received awards for their acts of bravery. Faleiro in this book also says that there are many more whose names are yet to be recorded.
Faleiro sheds light on all those Goan officers who on retiring had taken up works of compassion and charity. Additionally, he speaks about Goan aviators and the Goan fascination for adventure. On 18 April, 2015, he published, Soaring Spirit: 450 years of Margao’s Espírito Santo Church (1565-2015) that enlightens the reader on the church’s long history that helped to shape Margao’s life for centuries. The book also presents insights by priests of Margao on the Largo da Igreja, the church square, and its people, in addition to quotes from historians and scholars, thus providing crucial factual details.
‘Goa, 1961: The Complete Story of Nationalism and Integration’ was the last book published by the notable author on 24 July, 2023. In this work, he provides extensive details of the events that led to the ‘Operation Vijay,’ and those after it.
In addition, Faleiro also covered Goa’s changing political climate that played an important role leading to Goa’s liberation, thus highlighting the freedom fighters and indigenous independent movements. Besides this, Faleiro also elaborates on the aftermath of assimilation of Goa into India.
On the authors’ demise condolences poured in from every corner, highlighting Faleiro’s contributions and achievements that he made during his lifetime.

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