Goa’s thinker and prolific writer, Valmiki Faleiro, passes away

The Goan author has made a significant contribution to unravel the state’s history, providing answers to the past Born on January 6 1956, Valmiki Faleiro, known for his exceptional... Read more »

Krishna Nanu Naik, grand old man of Goa’s business, is no more

Celebrating the life of Krishna Nanu Naik, a legacy of hard work, integrity, and generosity Krishna Nanu Naik, man of hard work, integrity, honesty and constant love for trying... Read more »

The Heart of Hospitality stops beating

With the passing away of Vincent Ramos, Goa has lost a proud son and a dedicated hospitality leader The sudden passing away of Vincent Ramos, Senior Vice President, Operations,... Read more »

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