Cogncise, the business solution for the future of BPOs

The software company elaborates on their journey and excellence in services for business organisations with their customer relationship management

Cogncise is a technology as a software (TaaS) company with their head office located in Australia and Indian office based in Margao. The principal objective of this organisation is to help their client companies build customer loyalty, accelerate resolution, and integrate empathy with CEx technology, thereby resulting in revenue growth. They work with companies in industries such as insurance, media and communications, energy efficiency, automotive, retail and e-commerce and financial services.

The journey of Cogncise began with a group of passionate professionals who had a deep understanding of both the technology landscape and the importance of customer experience. The three founders, Darshan Goradia, Durga Ravula and Mohmed Juned Khan, saw an opportunity to bring together two seemingly disparate domains that is BPO services and web/mobile app development. By blending these two areas, they aimed to offer their clients a comprehensive solution that not only met their technical needs but also elevated their engagement strategies.
The company’s unique approach allowed them to create tailor-made solutions for their clients, enhancing their customer interactions, while also addressing their digital development requirements.
The establishment of Cogncise was rooted in the belief that Goa had the potential to become an IT hub, and hence were committed to being at the forefront of this transformation. Through dedication, innovation, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, they have been able to carve out a niche for themselves in the market. Today, Cogncise is synonymous with cutting-edge technology solutions that go hand-in-hand with exceptional customer experiences. They take pride in their role not only as a service provider but also as a catalyst for positive change in the local IT landscape, generating employment opportunities for Goans and contributing to the growth and development of Goa as a premier destination for IT excellence.

The CEx Strategy
The primary focus of Cogncise lies in web and mobile app development solutions, where they harness the latest technologies to craft seamless and user-centric digital experiences. From crafting intuitive user interfaces to building robust back-end systems, and ensuring cross-platform compatibility, their skilled development team is well-equipped to cater to diverse needs. What sets them apart is the seamless integration of their expertise in BPO services with their development solutions. This integration has allowed them to introduce Cogncise as a holistic package, one that does not just address technical needs but goes the extra mile in delivering tailor-made and exceptional customer experiences. By synergizing BPO prowess with technological finesse, they offer their clients a comprehensive suite of tools that empower them to effectively connect with their customers. At Cogncise Business Services Pvt Ltd, their mission revolves around empowering their client companies to reach their full potential through a strategic combination of innovative solutions and customer-centric focus. The company understands that in today’s dynamic business landscape, success is not just about having the right technology but also creating meaningful connections with customers. Their approach is multi-faceted and designed to catalyse growth in various ways. In essence, their role is that of a partner in their clients’ growth journey. They aid them in harnessing the power of technology to streamline operations, optimise customer interactions, and ultimately elevate their market presence.
For Cogncise, challenges are like puzzles – they are meant to be solved. Their team is a powerhouse of diverse expertise, and when they put their minds together, they are pretty good at finding solutions from every angle. Whether it is adapting to industry shifts, streamlining processes, or meeting new customer expectations, they are right there with their clients. They thrive on turning challenges into opportunities for innovation.

Data Security
In recent trends it has been observed that businesses have begun utilising cloud technologies after the covid-19 pandemic. This technology helps organisations to enhance business-related operations in matters concerning storage, analytics, databases etc. However, with the rise of security threats there have been increased concerns on data sensitivity. At Cogncise, data security is prioritised rigorously. The company employs robust cyber-security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of their clients’ sensitive information.
Their team is trained to adhere to the highest industry standards, implementing security protocols at every stage of their services, from development to deployment. This commitment to data security is ingrained in their service philosophy.

Vision for the Future
The overarching goal of this establishment is to play a significant role in shaping Goa into a premier hub for IT and BPO services. They are committed to contributing to the transformation of this beautiful State into a destination that not only boasts of natural beauty but also technological prowess.This involves nurturing a thriving ecosystem that attracts businesses and generates high-quality job opportunities for the local workforce.
At present, Cogncise stands as a 75-member organisation, and this is just the beginning. Their growth trajectory is well-defined, with plans to expand their company’s strength to 250 employees within the next 18 months.
This growth is not just about numbers but it is a testament to their commitment towards fostering a skilled and talented team that can address complex challenges and deliver exceptional services to their clients

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