Seven Rivers Brewing Co opens at Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa

Housed in a Portuguese villa, the sprawling beer garden, the first in Goa, features large outdoor spaces with an indoor tasting table. Highlights include the Poi lager, which uses local Goan bread Poi as part of the mash bill, and the Kokum Gose, which uses the tangy local Kokum from the farms of Goa. The usual suspects – Witbier, Hefeweizen and Kolsch- also join the ranks. The brewpub will offer a menu with a mix of local Goan flavours and global favourites paired with craft brews.

Seven Rivers brewpub at Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa, Goa offers guests an authentically brewed beer escape and welcome guests to this unique experience brewed for a flavourful Goa.

Dr Anmol Ahluwalia

Spokesperson Dr Anmol Ahluwalia said, “We are delighted to bring Seven River, this first-of-its-kind brewpub with an on-site microbrewery to India’s most popular holiday destination Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa, Goa, offering beer inspired by the quintessential flavours of the region, as well as those made from the finest locally sourced ingredients and crafted by experienced international and Indian award winning brewmasters.

In association with AB InBev, the world’s leading brewer, we are proud to announce the opening of Seven Rivers, their second brewpub in Goa, bringing an unmatched microbrewery experience to consumers.”

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