Setting a Standard in Physiotherapy

Lorraine Saldanha provides insights into her professional trajectory, projects, and efforts to set a new benchmark in physiotherapy

Lorraine Saldanha, founder and chief physiotherapist of Physioedge Clinics, brings in a rich professional journey spanning over a decade, marked by unwavering persistence and devotion. Having completed her graduate studies in physiotherapy at Father Muller Medical College in Mangalore in 2008, she began her journey into a world that was still unfamiliar with the field of physiotherapy. Nonetheless, she adeptly steered the ship, navigating through the field’s nascent stages, eventually establishing a foundation for her career. She began her career, initially a half-day practice, from the basement studio of her home in Ponda.

Having established her clinic, Saldanha continued her journey, devoting 10 years to collaborative efforts with a special school and dedicating her formative years of adulthood to specially-abled children. This experience, though challenging, brought her immense joy and fulfilment deepening her commitment to the field. “While working with specially-abled children, I discovered a profound sense of purpose contributing to their well-being and development,” she says.

Delving into her profession and the roles she takes on, Saldanha explains that she is primarily a healthcare provider. Personally managing clinic appointments, she intricately devises tailored treatment plans for each of her patients, based on their individual needs. Her role extends to that of a mentor of a team of young physiotherapists, guiding them to effectively uphold the standards set by Physioedge.

“A physiotherapist needs to be very patient and understanding, working with a patient for long periods, over weeks and even months sometimes. There is a lasting bond and with that comes trust and hope. I always aim to be a supportive influence first, only then a motivator to my patients,” she adds.

Apart from managing Physioedge, Saldanha also extends aid to social causes. She, along with her husband, passionately promotes blood donation awareness. Notably, they have successfully orchestrated eight campaigns to date and are known to generously offer the use of Physioedge premises every Sunday, free of charge, to any organisation seeking to conduct a cost-free blood donation camp. Additionally, in commemoration of Children’s Day, they organise an annual drawing competition, in an attempt to cultivate creativity and innovation in young minds.

Having two lovely daughters herself, Saldanha holds a deep affection for children. “During the festive season of Christmas, we distribute essential gifts, primarily clothing and toiletries, to underprivileged children in Ponda,” she expresses. She also organises awareness and physiotherapy camps for public benefit, as the need arises.

At the start of her career, Saldanha encountered her fair share of obstacles, each serving as a valuable lesson. “Contrary to the current scenario where physiotherapists abound, back then, mentorship and hands-on experience were rare commodities, compelling me to travel to Pune, Mumbai, Mangalore, and Chennai for various courses to acquire essential skills,” she recounts.

In fact, the establishment of her clinic was not solely a personal decision but rather a response to the persistent urging of those around her. This was prompted by the glaring absence of clinics and a notable gap in pain management that called for the provision of physiotherapy services. Fortunately, Saldanha got the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed doctors allowing her to delve into the fundamentals and intricacies of human biomechanics – a facet often overlooked by contemporary physiotherapists. Saldanha has derived inspiration from people around her. Her grandmother, an influential figure in her life, instilled in her a passion for a career in the field of healthcare. Meanwhile, her mother emerged as an unwavering support system, consistently nudging her to pursue her dreams whenever doubt cast its shadow. “Her presence by my side became indispensable, guiding me through every decision,” Saldanha says.

While today she is a well-known physiotherapist, Saldanha was initially torn between dentistry and physiotherapy. Reflecting on the pivotal choice she made, she expresses, “I am grateful for the choice I made in favour of physiotherapy – a decision that has proven immensely fulfilling.”

As the owner of two clinics (Margao and Ponda), along with a team of eight physiotherapists, she shares, “I dream of exploring the world and providing the best for my two daughters, dedicating myself to anything that ensures their well-being. They are not only my world but also the future of the global community.”

Saldanha’s consistency and devotion to her profession and goals have steadily propelled Physioedge to remarkable success, establishing for itself a name that shines bright amongst all others. “At Physioedge, we operate under the fundamental belief that the intricacies of the body are interconnected. Our journey begins with a comprehensive assessment of your body’s structure, balance, and movement dynamics, recognising the potential repercussions of a singular issue in other areas. This meticulous approach allows us to strategically and systematically identify the root cause of pain, dysfunction, or any hindrances impeding your peak performance,” shares Saldanha.

Physioedge’s focus extends beyond the scope of pain management. Dedicated to enhancing overall movement, they ensure a proactive approach to prevent pain recurrence.

With a promise of undivided attention from the therapist in a one-on-one setting, for 13 years Physioedge has consistently upheld its dedication to professionalism and trust, never faltering in its commitment. Spanning two clinics, the most recent facility is located in Borda-Fatorda, complementing the first in Warkhandem, Ponda.

“Experience the Physioedge difference, where expertise meets personalised care to keep you moving at your best healing through movement!” adds Saldanha

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