Sail with Goa’s premium coastal speciality dining

C2C (Coast 2 Coast) at Taj Resort & Convention Centre, Goa is a journey through global coastal cuisine

Seeking inspiration from the shimmering sands, turquoise waters, breath-taking landscapes, and abundant bounty of the coast, C2C is a tastefully designed elegant diner, showcasing a myriad of flavours from across the world. The new upscale restaurant at the opulent Taj Resort & Convention Centre, home to unparalleled views of the Arabian Sea, is an experience like no other.

Soothing tones of grey and blue beautifully reflect the primary colours of the coast in every detail of the modish restaurant. C2C has 94 covers spread across three seating zones – indoor lounge, al fresco and the outdoor water body. The indoor lounge boasts of plush interiors echoing glimpses from the coast – a ceiling that dazzles with shades of blue meant to indicate the glimmer of light reflecting in water; fisherman’s net sprawling across the elegant dining, two striking wooden columns take the shape of waves; below the feet, the ground is rough mimicking sandy shores, broken in sections by sparkling seashells (aka tiles) offering a pop of colour. The al fresco area has an uninterrupted view of the sea. The floated seating atop an independent water body is a private dining area, located outdoors. The only sound here is that of waves crashing against the Dona Paula shore. Once the sun sets, a fire pit lights in the pool of water, bathing the surroundings with its warm glow and welcoming in the shimmering night sky.

C2C is the ideal spot for sundowners. The experience is complemented by a bar programme that highlights home-grown liquors, from a selection of gins to the popular Goan spirit, Feni. Sip on a Sussegado (Greater Than Gin, Vermouth, and Campari) or start things simple and sweet with a Caboquiri (Cabo Rum with Curry Leaves). Mirsang Sour uses Paul John Whiskey, Fenirita highlights Cazulo’s Coconut and Cashew Feni and Ola Sangria has fruits soaking in Port Wine.

There is the Western Coast, seeking inspiration all the way from Russia to the Mediterranean. The Eastern Coast touches upon the Indian love for all things South East Asian. The Local Coast is a tribute to the home. “We aren’t restricting ourselves to just one coast but want to cover shores from across the globe where cuisines showcase the bounty of the land,” says Chef Edridge Vaz, Sous Chef.

From the Western coast, the seafood preparations are distinct yet familiar. They are lightly seasoned and cooked to perfection, paired with delicate sauces and minimal accompaniments, thus allowing their true flavours to shine. A popular choice is the Chatka King Crab Legs. The Russian King Crab found in the country’s cold waters makes its journey to Goa’s hot climes where it gets dressed in a simple chilli coriander butter glaze to bring out its sweet distinctive flavour. The buttery soft Baked Seabass finds home in a flaky Phyllo pastry, Lobster Thermidor gets a mustard glaze and comes with a lobster bisque reduction, and Lobster Ravioli finds fragrance from its fennel stuffing. The showstopper from the seafood selection is Whole Baked Snapper. Salt and black pepper play marinade and thyme inserted into the belly of the fish is lit and then carried to the table, creating a trail of fragrant smoke. It is the only dish that brings with it the chef, who carves the fish at the table. The Eastern menu brings forth the coastal flavours of Thailand, China, and Japan, which are widely accepted to the Indian palate. Accordingly, the menu has Panko Prawns, a Pomelo Salad, and Wok Chow-Main. The team of talented Chefs spend two days perfecting the laksa paste; and the fiery Szechuan in the Szechuan Chicken is homemade, highlighting chillies and peppercorns. The gluten-free Exotic Vegetable Crystal Dimsum is made with wheat and potato starch. One cannot miss the signature Thai curry with steamed rice. If willing to get your hands messy, there’s Pepper Crabs, with mud crabs tossed with garlic, chillies and scallions. The most dramatic dish is Tuna Tataki, which comes served on a pink salt slab, sourced from the Himalayas.

Goan cuisine shines in the Local Coast, with a nod to Southern India. “We want to promote local cuisine too by ensuring that what we serve is authentic and elevated,” says Chef Vaz. This finds form in the flavoursome blend of Mushroom Xacutti, traditional Goan Fish Curry with red rice and kismur and a spicy Pork Vindaloo. The homely macaroni soup is a staple from Goan homes. This part of the menu features two South Indian dishes, a spicy and tangy Mutton Roast and Meen Polichathu served with a flavoursome ginger-green chilli-coconut sauce.
Finish the meal with a choice of rich and decadent desserts. Pineapple gets the royal embrace in Grilled Pineapple. Marinated overnight in rum, demerara sugar and orange juice is served grilled with a light vanilla gelato. Chocolate lovers can indulge in Moelleux Au Chocolat (chocolate cake, orange sauce) or the signature Glacage Chocolat (nougat, chocolate Crémeux, hazelnut praline). The chef’s favourite is a Vanilla Crème Brûlée, served with a crisp almond sesame tuile. Those seeking a savoury delight, opt for the cheese platter with homemade walnut bread and chutney.

C2C does not compromise on quality, bringing forth the best ingredients to ensure a superlative dining experience. Peruvian green asparagus, sweet pomelos from Thailand, Japanese tuna and kewpie, meaty North Atlantic scallops, blushing pink Norwegian salmon, earthy morels from Kashmir and the prized local sea perch (Chonak), all find space on the menu.

In keeping with FSSAI norms, the menu is updated with a list of 14 allergens, the weight of each portion and the calories consumed. At C2C, you can enjoy an evening by the sea, with food that transports you to different coasts in the world. Go ahead, set sail for a memorable dining journey.

The recently introduced extravagant Sunday Brunch at C2C promises a symphony of delectable flavours from the coasts, comprising of an extensive selection in appetizers, salads, an assortment of flavoursome soups, a plethora of scrumptious mains and a range of heavenly desserts. Exhilarating music, handcrafted beverages, an exclusively curated Chef’s menu, and the picturesque backdrop of C2C is the perfect recipe for a relaxed Sunday afternoon by the coast.

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