Quirky, with a delicious twist

Grumps at Sangolda promises you an enjoyable evening with an eclectic mix of cocktails and food, writes Sumeet Bhobe

If you are wondering what the story behind this intriguing name is, it’s a sobriquet of the eatery’s founders Agrini and Karthik. Although they rarely smile, their team doesn’t share their ‘grumpy’ disposition – they are super friendly and welcoming. Agrini and Karthik cut their teeth at Bombay Canteen and later at Bomras, with a career spanning over 11 years in various roles in the restaurant industry. They finally realised their dream of having their own place.

Kartik Vasudeva.

The vibe at Grumps is uber relaxed and it’s the kind of place where you order more cocktails than you intended. Blame it on the A-class mixologist who shakes up delectable concoctions.

Bar Outdoor View
Agrini Satyarthi

We tripped on the ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ which is shaken up with the most bizarre elements: Scotch whiskey infused with sherry and paired with Brunost artisanal cheese. Brilliant! I loved ‘Nimble Bastard’ too, (although I’m neither nimble nor a bastard) Gin Bourbon, Strawberry, Ginger, this drink goes down smooooooth!

Butter Garlic Prawns

The food is honest and full of flavour. Worth a mention is the Grumps Fried Chicken with wok salt and lime aioli. The stir fried morning glory was an explosion of flavours, and the Char Grilled Pork Chops with peanut barbeque glaze and pineapple gari are simply delectable.

Salmon Tartare

The egg fried rice is as light as it’s wholesome; true comfort food.

Crispy Corn Cake

The desserts really hit the spot: Their Crème Brûlée is rich and creamy, just as god intended. And the Chocolate Fondant is a messy blob of heaven.

Sichuan Fried Chicken

If you are looking to have a fun evening with friends, head for this quirky, unpretentious bistro – you are guaranteed lots of grins at grumps!

Steamed Lime & Chilli Chonak

The writer is a wellness entrepreneur and foodie

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