Lighting up Spaces

Vibgyor Light Design Studio boasts of having the best of lighting equipment and promises to meet the needs of every home and commercial project

Light is one of the most important elements in interior design. Lighting creates unique experiences, can completely change a design and has the capacity to create an atmosphere much more than furniture or an accessory can.
Keeping this is mind; Shaikh Abdul Majid came up with the concept of Vibgyor Light Design Studio. A lawyer by profession Shaikh has experience of working in different spheres having been a fashion designer and worked in Paris and the Middle East for seven years before coming back to Goa in 2002. He got into his core family business of lighting and electricals in the same year. 
Having been in the lighting business for a long time now, Shaikh has his own brand, Marichii, wherein he designs and manufactures his own lighting equipment.
“People wanted a place where all their lighting needs would be met. There is no lighting showroom which caters to the needs in Goa and I wanted to give people an option where they could get their requirements all under one roof”, he adds while speaking on the idea behind starting Vibgyor.
The showroom is 400 sq. mts and has around 3000 points with a wide array of decorative, architectural and utility lights. There are wall lights, floor lamps, lamps and shades and every other lighting design one needs for small or large space. Every aspect of lighting here is remote controlled.
“A customer is given the remote and he can switch on the light and see if it suits his taste. If he likes a particular design he approaches a salesman to go ahead with the sale. I plan on giving touch pads to the customers in the near future so that they can order on their own if they are comfortable with that,” Shaikh explains.
Shaikh says the showroom is equipped with every kind of lighting. “You name it and we have it. We have wall lights from `500/- to `50000/-. We have chandeliers ranging from `5000/- to `50 lakhs. There are no limitations in the lighting system that we have here. There is commercial lighting where we can design your 5-star or 7-star properties, villas, mansions, outdoor lightings and so on. We can also take on bigger projects if given the opportunity. We have our electrical engineers on site management systems and we have a technical team here at the Studio.”
Vibgyor can cater to the needs of everyone right up from a small studio apartment to a 7-star property. “If a consultant comes in or even if an international light designer comes in here, he will find what he is looking for. We have not restrained ourselves to Goa or India only,” Shaikh says.
The latest development and technology in lighting can be seen at the showroom. Shaikh states that he makes sure to obtain the most recent technologies in lighting whenever he travels abroad. “We can program everything when it comes to lighting. We can change the lighting depending on the time of day where the lighting will take its own course according to the natural light coming in from outside. The light will dim or brighten up as the day progresses. This is what I want to introduce to Goa, soon.”
Vibgyor has some of the best brands stocked when it comes to lighting. There are Indian brands like Ledos, Pasolite, HYBEC, Lafit, Changi, LED Lum, Fumagalli from Italy, the automation by Vimar from Italy, Phillips, Blossoms, Aerglow, Artisan, and PHILOMINA Collections when it comes to decorative lighting .
Vibgyor has its own technical team. Shaikh goes on to explain, “If a customer wants us to visit the site we send our technicians so that they can share their recommendations and suggestions. Our technicians are well trained and we do not engage in unethical practices like overselling just because a customer is ready to spend.”
Speaking on his future plans, Shaikh says that he would like to work on the automation part of lighting. “The need for automation has yet to come about in Goa. The first thing I want to do is create awareness about automation in the lighting market. We plan to get in touch with engineers, architects and interior designers to make them aware of the automated aspects of lighting. Specialised lighting is still in its nascent stage and we want to set up an academy soon. We are working towards developing a crash and diploma courses. We will mostly be affiliated to the German University which is the highest ranking university for lighting systems.” To conclude Shaikh mentions, “We hope to be the largest lighting showroom in the world in Goa. I want to see Goa as a hub and a trendsetter for lighting systems across globe”

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