BITS Pilani’s innovative practice school program: unique industry-university connect

The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS Pilani), an institute of eminence, has been conducting its unique structured internship program for students called as ‘Practice School (PS)’ since 1973. PS is an educational innovation of BITS Pilani seeking to link industry experience with university education for every student that graduates from the Deemed University of international repute. The university has two PS programs called as PS-1 and PS-2, which are of 2 months and five and half month durations, respectively. PS-1 is a 5-credit course, while PS-2 is a 20-credit course, each in the supervision of an industry mentor supported by a faculty from the Institute. The industries that actively participate in this unique programme for skill development and thus nation building are called PS stations.

PS-1 for this year was conducted from May 23rd – July 18th 2023. To commemorate a successful completion of PS-1 program, PS Division of BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus, which will be celebrating 20 years of its sojourn this year in Goa, hosted a momentous post-PS-1 meet, bringing together distinguished coordinators from the industry as well as faculty members who participated in PS-1.

The industry executives from Mormugao Port Authority, Goa Shipyard Ltd., Siemens India Pvt. Ltd., Tulip Group of Industries, Danlaw Technologies India Ltd, Putzmeister, Smartlink Holdings Ltd, Pentair Water India Pvt. Ltd, Synegra EMS, Wakao Foods and Goa Project Management Unit, Government of Goa, participated in the brain storming and celebratory meeting. Distinguished scientists from research organisations like National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) and National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), who participated in the PS-1 program, also graced the meeting and shared their views. The industry applauded the program’s systematic execution and the students’ impressive work on live industry projects within just 8 weeks. They have expressed a desire to continue the association in the future.

Prof Sachin Waigaonkar, Associate Dean of PS Division (Goa Campus), extended heartfelt gratitude to all industry partners for their invaluable support and mentorship throughout the internship program. He informed that PS-I 2023 was conducted all over the country in 347 companies or PS Stations for 2623 students under the guidance of 110 faculty members.

In Goa, 26 industries and research organisations participated in PS1 for 124 students from all three Indian campuses of BITS Pilani under the guidance of 7 faculty members. 18 faculty members from Goa also guided students at other locations in the country. Prof Waigaonkar extended his heartfelt thanks to Prof S.P. Regalla, Dean of PS Division; other Associate Deans of the sister campuses, Prof G. Sundar, Director of Off-campus and Industry Engagement; Prof Suman Kundu, Director of Goa campus, and PS Division (PSD) staff for their wholehearted support and guidance

Prof Kundu expressed his deep appreciation for the support provided by industry for this program as well as the teamwork executed by PSDs of all university campuses. He emphasised that the collaborative effort through PS1 and PS2 programs have been instrumental in shaping the students’ professional journeys and equipping them with a competitive edge. He also expressed that as the university continues to prioritise innovation and excellence, it reaffirms its dedication to nurturing a dynamic and industry-relevant learning environment that empowers students to shape the future. Faculty members also enthusiastically shared their experiences during the program.

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