“Yi-Goa plans to reach out to Goa’s rural children”

Shaibaz Sayed, Chair of Young Indians (Yi)- Goa speaks on the organisation’s plans during his term

Tell us something about Yi Goa

Young Indians (Yi) – Goa is one of the 68 chapters across the country. Young Indians (Yi), a movement for Indian youth to converge, lead, cocreate and influence India’s future, is an integral part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Formed in 2008, Yi has created a unique platform for young Indians to work towards realising the dream of a developed nation and to imbibe in them the qualities of responsible citizens. It has a growing, inclusive membership across all geographies and demographics between the age group of 21-45 years and comprises of youth entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals across 68 chapters and Yi stakeholders which include impactful and inspiring YUVA college students; school children and rural communities across the country to engage in initiatives, programs and activities focused on nation building, youth leadership and thought leadership. Yi is a unique platform for young minds to influence and lead positive change with the conviction ‘We Can, We Will.

What is the primary focus of Yi, for this term?

This year, the primary aim of Yi Goa is to focus on youth development, leadership, and community impact in the State of Goa through rural initiatives, and holistic development of school children and college students. Rural Initiatives (RI) aims to create an environment to fulfill the aspirations of rural citizens, bring about a change in attitude, which is crucial for any transformation, and empower communities in villages through participatory rural development. We aim to achieve this step by building a robust participatory model where it can collaborate in the rural sector with local communities, industry, and enterprise. Yi projects and initiatives have tremendous potential to make a difference in rural communities. Yi Goa plans to work with schools to empower and nurture every child to be independent, safe, happy, inclusive, and responsible citizens. Our vertical YUVA empowers passionate college students from across the country to take the lead and shape the growth of India.

What legacy programs do you plan on continuing from your predecessors?

In the past, Yi Goa has organised various programs, events, and initiatives related to entrepreneurship, skill development, social responsibility, and innovation. The ‘Thought Leadership Conclave’ is one such event that will be continued this year as it provides a platform for networking, learning, and collaboration among young professionals in Goa.

At a national level, what is the Yi headquarter’s mandate for this term?

The Young Indians (Yi) theme for the year 2024 is ‘Building Bharat’ which is a multifaceted theme encompassing the development, progress, and holistic growth of India. It involves initiatives across sectors like education, healthcare, technology, economy, and social reforms, aiming for a robust, inclusive, and sustainable nation. The theme emphasises entrepreneurship, innovation, and collaborative efforts towards a stronger and more prosperous India.

What are the various projects that you have envisaged in the near future?

Along with existing projects, we plan to reach out to the rural children of Goa and provide them the opportunity and aid that they would not have access to, than that of the urban areas. ‘Avsar Mela’ is another project we are looking forward to. Currently India has around 80 million people living with disabilities. These persons with disabilities face barriers due to low literacy, limited job opportunities, and social stigma. Hence, ‘Avsar Mela’ by Yi Goa will help promote accessibility, raise awareness, and create a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities in India.

Who feature in your team at Yi Goa and what strengths do they bring to the table?

My team comprises of Vartan Mathais, Co-Chair; EC members comprising of Tulasidas Pai, Membership Learning Chair; Tanvi Sawant, Membership Learning Co-Chair; Sadhvi Bharne, Membership Engagement; Sweta Verlekar, YUVA Chair; Rhea Sardesai, YUVA CoChair; Neha Zantye, Climate Change Chair; Anirudh Baddhan, Climate Change Co-Chair; Kunal Arolkar, Road Safety; Devki Talekar, Masoom Chair; Sangeetha Naik, Masoom Co-Chair; Roopa Kubasad, Thalir Chair; Sweta Desai, Thalir Co Chair; Jay N Goradia, Innovation Chair; Mishal Maganlal, Innovation Co-Chair; Laxmi Rajan Sinai Kunkolienkar, Entrepreneurship Chair; Sanket Singbal, Entrepreneurship CoChair; Sanjana Dempo, Health Chair; Rohan Ramesh Kamat, Health Co-Chair; Sairaj Dhond, Sports Chair; Viraj Dhond, Sports Co-Chair; Aditi Joshi, Rural Initiatives Chair; Caleb Fernandez, Branding; Roota Karan Kamat, Accessibility Chair; Prajakta P Parab, Accessibility Co-Chair. The Past Chairs who guide our are Dr Pratiksha Khalap; (Immediate Past Chair), Vaikunth Dempo (2022), Jayesh Raikar (2021), Anirudh Dempo (2020), Rohit Zantye (2019), Nikhil Khalap (2018), Rupesh Gauns (2017), Omkar Kamat Sambary (2016), Nitin Desai (2015), Atrey Sawant (2014) Rajesh Salgaokar (2013), Erle Brito (2012), Jennifer Lewis e Kamat (2011), Nikhil Lawande (2008-2010) and our Executive Member, Fernando A Da Silva.

What are the various means by which you wish to spread the message of Yi to Goa?

We plan on spreading and practicing the aim of Yi through membership engagement, activities on nation building, thought leadership and youth leadership and various other projects. Yi members actively engage with local communities through projects, workshops, and awareness campaigns. The focus areas include education, healthcare, environment, and women empowerment.


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