Winds of change with Kaleidoscope of Life

Nayantara Ray wants to change the way parents look at day care centers with her venture, Kaleidoscope of Life

Keeping your child in a day care is a taboo in India. More than a financial decision it is considered a social taboo as a negligent parenting style, but what if new parents and old were given an accountable, dependable choice, of a day care center which also help children develop themselves? With this thought in mind, Nayantara Ray started her day care centre called ‘Kaleidoscope of Life’ with two other ladies; and now at present is the single owner. The team at ‘Kaleidoscope of Life’ is an all women led team since 2016.

The choice for parents comes down to parenting philosophy and making the trade off between the income earned and the rising salary of maids. Her center is the solution many working mothers and fathers, professionals are looking for, as daycares across the country are becoming more and more popular amongst new age parents.

Nayantara has a master degree in Economics; it is her knack to know about demographics which she uses in her marketing strategies. The flair to work with kids comes naturally to her. Development of a child in the day care
contributes to a child’s social, emotional values. Adding up to their overall development, there is a developed social interaction as they are exposed to peers at a young age. 

The team at Kaleidoscope of Life comprises of in-house staff as well as instructors of all the allied institutes in Goa. These instructors have their own training schools that come in the premises to deliver their expertise, like Dancophilia, Deserving Sports, Dragon Fitness, Moon Moo Academy, Master franchisee for IMA abacus and many more. The team has been together for many years to deliver the best for kids.

Providing a wholesome day care along with different activities as working parents are not able to devote time for their kids to undertake different activities; all these are provided in house. That is what makes Kaleidoscope of Life different from other day cares.

Future @ 2025
A fully well-equipped daycare center is the need of the hour. Kaleidoscope of Life is fully compliant with all government regulations. It is all set to expand into corporate day care in-house or at station as it has become mandatory for every company to have a daycare where there are more than 50 female employees. Kaleidoscope
of Life is also looking for expansions, partnerships with companies and inviting franchisee opportunities covering the whole of Goa. They plan on starting a new branch at Old Goa, as it is close to the industrial hub.

The Maternity Benefit Act of 1961 has made it mandatory for all sectors of industries to have a daycare. Kaleidoscope of life is an established day care under MSME. It caters to all companies with corporate daycare in their premise and factories in house.

The tagline – ‘home away from home’ says it all. “Kids should get a comfortable and lazy atmosphere just like home but in a more disciplined way. They will get to develop their skills and talent and not waste their time online (it is a no gadget zone). Thanks to Kaleidoscope of Life they are not bored without gadgets. The centre is constantly trying to provide good programs and in-house activities at par with the outside world. I am hoping that women will become more self reliant by going back to work, with faith in daycare centers in the future” says Nayantara.

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