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Shefali Caculo elaborates on her new home décor store which promises opulence, elegance and comfort

One of the joys of interior decoration is the ability to take an ordinary looking space and transform it into something beautiful. But where does one find the right décor as per one’s tastes and budget?

This led Shefali Caculo to open her own décor store called ‘Signature Home Décor Studio’, which boasts of elegant, classy and stylish home décor all under one roof.

Shefali was born and brought up in Goa, going on to complete her education with a degree in BCA, which she says she never ended up using. She gives credit to her parents for her strong values and upbringing. “My mother is a very strong woman and has always been my idol.” 

Shefali has been a hands-on mother to her boys, Rajveer and Manav, being busy with their education, their co-curricular activities and supported them throughout their school days. After her children left their nest to pursue their further studies, Shefali found herself with a lot of free time on her hands and thought this would be the best time to pursue her passion of home décor and interior designing. “Interior decoration is something that is very close to my heart. I like decorating my home all the time and whenever I have travelled I have picked up curios for my house. It does not have to be something large and extravagant, a few small changes can redefine the corners of your home and give it a whole new look. As we evolve, our homes should too.” 

As someone who loved decorating her living space, Shefali would sometimes find it difficult to get the right kind of décor for her home. “I believe in touching and feeling the merchandise before buying, which is not possible when one shops online. We end up compromising on the quality. I felt Goa was lacking an exclusive home décor store and that is when my husband, Suraj Caculo, firmly suggested that I should think of conceptualising one. It is his belief and support which led me to pursue my dream – Signature Home Décor Studio.”

The store has all kinds of décor in different categories like living, kitchen and dining, faux flowers and plants, candles and lighting, bath and bath accessories, decoratives, bed linen, furniture, wall accents and floor coverings as well. Shefali sources most of the merchandise from different states of India and also imports table ware, decoratives and faux flowers from different parts of the world such as Italy, Turkey and Vietnam. “We have a beautiful collection of Italian Murano glass vases in the store. Turkey has got some fabulous tableware designs and we have made sure that they are a part of our collection. Our wall accents are specially designed in wood and metal, showcasing the talent of Indian artisans. We also have a special range of marble artifacts specially curated for the store.” 

Shefali is also trying to further tap into the local talent in India. “We have the best craftsmen and artisans in India”. The store is an assortment of classic and contemporary home décor items and seeks to cater to people who are looking for unique yet appealing décor.

Shefali says that her store caters to every budget and she would like everyone to have a piece of Signature Home Décor Studio in their homes. “I have a wide range for exclusive products which can cater to everyone’s budget. I wanted to have a store that would be welcoming to all clients and everyone should be able to find something here. I think I have managed to do that as I have people from all corners of Goa coming in and buying something from here.” 

Right up from conceptualising the store till the day of the opening Shefali has been on her toes to see that everything is as per her standards. “The journey has been excellent as this is truly my passion and I was completely involved in everything. Suraj has been my biggest support system; right up from going through the design of the store, the layout, the store logo till the lighting, he has done it all. I was very busy with the sourcing and designing of the merchandise and Suraj has done an admirable job in conceptualising my dream for me. I have to give credit to our architect and dear friend, Siddha Sardessai who has worked wonders in designing our store while being extremely supportive. I can say it has been a smooth journey and I was lucky to receive all my consignments on time except for a few glitches. We opened the doors of the store to public on the 26th of September with a soft launch, which was the first day of Navratri and things have really worked well ever since”, Shefali adds.

Her family is her biggest source of inspiration and Shefali says that her sons, Rajveer and Manav have been very supportive of her passion. “I am very proud to say that my son, Rajveer has designed the store logo “

Apart from interior designing and dabbling in home décor, Shefali loves cooking and has a full on food blog on Instagram showcasing the various recipes that she has tried out and new ones, as well. She also loves to read and travel whenever time permits.

As far as her future plans are concerned, Shefali says she has been getting a very good response from her clients and customers and plans to open more stores soon.

She signs off with a message to aspiring women entrepreneurs. I think if you have a dream just chase it and go for it. Don’t think of how it is going to work out because you have to always give it a try and that is the first step of making your dream come true”


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