With the aim of making good health accessible to all people, Oorja Wellness Spa throws open its doors in the city of Panaji

Ayurveda has become the backbone of the idea of a wellness resort. In addition, like the awe and attraction of a levantine hammam of the Mediterranean or the natural hot springs and sulphur-pools, the wellness with ayurveda as its focus has become the promise of holistic, natural living for all generations in India.

It is with this sense of pride and service – pride in the ancient traditional roots and service to the growing need of health and well-being, thatOorja Wellness Spa comes to Panaji. Set in a 350 sq.mt of space in a convenient and prime location of the Panjim Residency facing the beauteous Mandovi, the spa is tastefully appointed to give you complete relaxation towards healing and rejuvenation. In addition to the traditional and familiar/popular Kizhi, Udwarthanam, Tarpanam, Panchakarma, herbal bath, Shirodhara, a range of massage and natural beauty treatments are offered. All appropriate diagnostic, preventive, and curative aspects would be conducted, counseling and continuous evaluation would be a constant.

Oorja Wellness Spa comes as a relationship, not just as a word. A team of professionals is key to the operations, service, and management of the Oorja. Other related ayurveda practitioners will be appointed and called-in to give you an all day consultation, and enrich the experience at Oorja Wellness Spa.

Dr SnehaBhagvat, Dr Pranav Bhagvat, and Poonam Naik, bring in specific competencies and a range of experience in their planning, delivery, and performance of the Spa.

Dr Sneha is an accomplished Ayurvedacharya specialising in women health, infertility, and skin and scalp disorders. A founding partner of the famous Oorja Training and Research Academy, she has been instrumental in reaching out to the under-privileged of Goa’s villages during the peak times of covid19. She is also the regional representative of AYUSH and is responsible for rolling out related trainings and best practices to Goa’s Ayurveda practitioners. A soft-spoken, empathetic Sneha understands the urgency of wellness and the efficacy of Ayurveda – and is committed to blending the two at Oorja.

Poonam Naik is a dream story of a homemaker: a decade and half of nurture of her family with a graduation in commerce, a certification in Patanjali Yoga, a certification in beauty therapy, and an experience as customer relations executive with Eureka Forbes tucked in her pockets – much like the proverbial ‘lamp under the bush’! Poonam now emerges to take on the managerial role of the Oorja Wellness Centre & Spa! She brings all the patience, multi-tasking, prioritising, and caring aspects that she has learned as a homemaker.

Dr Pranav Bhagwat, a founding partner of the Oorja Wellness Centre at Madgaon is an Ayurveda expert and has won patents for his scientifically –grounded, Ayurveda-inspired formulations from Berlin, Germany. Pranav’s expertise is in areas of diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, ENT, and chronic neurological issues. His confident and caring demeanour would bring the toughest of you and your ailment to heal, relax, and recoup.

Of course, it goes without saying that both Dr Sneha and Dr Pranav would be giving regular consultations and counsel, making your Oorja experience that much more richer and wholesome, always. Poonam, in her quiet professional attitude, would take care of every person ‘like family and friend’ and will always be there at the Oorja.

Oorja Wellness Spa has been launched with Wellness at its heart, and the commitment of making such a ‘holistic sense of being’ accessible for all.

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