Wallace Pharma inaugurates a brand new Innovation Centre

The state-of-the-art innovation centre will have a special focus on patient-centric New Drug Delivery Systems.

Amidst the economic gloom of the pandemic, Wallace Pharma provides green-shoots of hope and recovery by launching the Wallace Innovation Centre. Wallace Pharma, a Goa headquartered pharmaceutical group with operations in India and over 16 countries has established a new 10000 sq. ft. multi-crore research facility in Ponda Goa, focusing on product development for a wide range of liquid, solid and semi-solid pharmaceutical dosage forms and other products. The facility will have a special focus on patient-centric New Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS).
The Wallace Innovation Centre was inaugurated by Jyoti Sardesai, Director Goa DFDA, along with Cesar Menezes, Rashmi Menezes, Vinay Pinto, Dr Pankaj Kumar, RP Hegde and the Goa Wallace team.
In her speech, Jyoti Sardesai said “Goa has a sizeable number of Pharma of global standards but only a handful of pharma and clinical development facilities. I am happy that this development centre is being promoted by none other than the Menezes family, who have been pioneers in Goa’s pharmaceutical sector”. The facility is housed in a historic building which once housed the first pharmaceutical formulation plant in the State of Goa. It has now been refurbished and refitted to operate as a modern GMP formulation development and analytical development facility.
The Wallace Innovation Centre will be headed by Dr. Pankaj Kumar along with his team of dedicated scientists. “We are excited at the specialised focus and enthusiasm that the Wallace Innovation Centre will bring to Goa and the Wallace group” said Vinay Pinto, ED, Wallace Pharma.
The laboratory has the latest GMP design and processes, with state-of-the-art instrumentation, analytical and formulation development equipment. In keeping with the ambitions of Wallace to be a global niche marketer of innovative formulations, the facility has been designed to grow in capability, size, people and will service the company’s markets

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