Vidnyan Dhara: Bridging minds and expertise for science empowerment

Vidnyan Dhara, a unique initiative in the country, facilitates knowledge exchange by bringing scientists from national research institutions to engage with university students and faculty. Moreover, it connects experts from universities with colleges, enabling talks for college students. Dr Vithal Tilvi, Professor at the Centre for Research, Development, and Innovation of DHE, describes it as a continuous bridge between science experts and students. The third edition attracted over 70,000 students in 500 talks by nearly 200 experts, fostering knowledge transfer in science and engineering. Vidnyan Dhara, now the flagship program of the Goa State Higher Education Council, aims not only to disseminate scientific knowledge but also to inspire younger minds to realize their potential. In 2023, 254 talks by 150 experts reached 32,000 students across Goa, and in 2024, 530 talks were organised at various venues, covering topics such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, machine learning, and more from experts at institutes like NIO, NC-POR, Goa University, and industry professionals.

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