TTAG President optimistic about tourism growth with interest-free loans

The Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) expressed enthusiasm, acknowledging the potential of interest-free loans for advancing tourism development. With numerous tourism projects pending in the state, TTAG President Nilesh Shah welcomed the Budget’s proposal for interest-free loans to states, specifically targeting port and tourism facilities.

“In Goa, the completion of the convention center opposite Paryatan Bhavan is pending, and a larger convention center at Dona Paula is in limbo. We are hopeful that the state can access the promised interest-free loan to finalise these projects along with other unfinished ones,” remarked TTAG President Nilesh Shah.

He highlighted the positive impact of the railway corridor programs under PM Gati Shakti on improving the rail network and enhancing travel comfort. Shah anticipates significant improvements in train services, contributing positively to tourism. TTAG’s positive response to the budget is rooted in its initiatives to develop new tourist destinations, promote spiritual tourism, and boost domestic tourism.

In Goa, the Department of Tourism is actively promoting spiritual tourism. The budget encourages states to comprehensively develop iconic tourist centers, emphasising global branding and marketing. Additionally, a framework for rating these centers based on the quality of facilities and services is set to be established.

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