Devika Mangaldas, a passionate psychology enthusiast since her school days, harbored a dream of providing mental healthcare and promoting holistic wellness to those in need within the community. With over 15 years of professional experience in the field of mental health, social work, education, and research, she is a Certified Counselling Psychologist who holds a Post-Graduate Degree in Industrial and Advanced Counselling Psychology. Her firm belief in the power of perception and its potential to positively impact our psychological well-being led her to establish her mental health initiative called Positive Perception Counselling & Training Services in Panaji. Through this initiative, she strives to facilitate personal and professional development by helping clients unlock their fullest potential, transforming their mindsets to embrace hope, positivity, and growth.
She offers a range of therapeutic services that encompass traditional approaches such as psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, rational emotive behaviour therapy, couple therapy, and group therapy. Her counseling methodologies are rooted in the study of the subconscious mind and focus on reprogramming negative core beliefs and thought patterns. She specialises in unique therapies such as art therapy, dream therapy, psychosomatic therapy, morita therapy, tarot psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, and integrated and customised therapy. These therapeutic interventions address issues related to stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, anger management, parenting challenges, work-life balance, and related matters.
The connection she feels with adolescents is particularly strong, and she enjoys working with 10th and 12th grade students, providing them with career guidance through psychometric testing of aptitude, interest, and personality. Her counseling sessions not only assist them in making informed career choices but also help them manage any examination-related anxiety. Every quarter, she extends her support to over 100 clients seeking assistance with mental health challenges. Her sessions have even successfully prevented more than 10 clients from succumbing to severe depression and suicidal thoughts. In addition to in-person counseling, Devika provides online consultations and is a certified Psychotherapist listed on platforms like She caters to clients across India and also conducts counseling sessions for international clients. She is also an Internationally Certified Behavioral Trainer, Life Coach, and P.O.S.H (Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace) Trainer. Recently, she conducted a P.O.S.H. awareness program for 4000+ employees of nationwide and delivered an awareness training program on P.O.S.H, gender equality, diversity, and inclusion for a global company, Maccaferri. Her passion for motivating others extends to conducting workshops and mindset transformation trainings aimed at developing various skills.
Devika has collaborated with NGOs like the Million Sparks Foundation, actively involved in outreach programs for teacher training benefiting over 8000 teachers in Goa. Her research papers have been published in the past with organisations such as UNICEF and the Bombay Psychological Association. Currently, she is conducting research on media addiction, further contributing to her cause of promoting mental wellness. For the past three years, Devika has been a member of BNI Synergy in Goa, where she has received invaluable support in promoting her services to a wider audience of individuals and organisations seeking positive transformation. She has actively contributed to BNI by assuming leadership roles within the chapter and providing support at the regional level. The ‘Givers Gain’ philosophy of BNI has propelled her initiative forward, facilitating growth in learning opportunities, referrals, business expansion, and recognition

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