Training the Mind

Priyanka Row highlights her journey from a luxury hotelier to a mind coach

Priyanka Row is an alumnus of International Indian School, Saudi Arabia where she won a gold medal in the CBSE board. She completed her degree in Business Management from Jai Hind College, Mumbai and then went on to get herself a Masters Degree in Marketing and Strategy from Warwick Business School, United Kingdom.

Priyanka is also an internationally certified Image Consultant from the London Image Institute, a Licensed and Certified Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) from The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Dr. Richard Bandler and a Professional Mind Coach. Priyanka has led a nomadic lifestyle in what can be described as a multicultural journey having lived and studied in around ten cities and seven countries, in Asia Europe and the Middle East.

Along the way she discovered her first love to be a luxury hotelier and spent a little less than a decade with Marriott International in Corporate Sales based in Goa and Mumbai. Thereafter she joined the team that opened the first Ritz-Carlton in Bengaluru.

Priyanka turned an entrepreneur in 2015 when she opened Goa’s first and only image consultancy as an Internationally Certified Image Consultant. She is also the co-founder of Brunchbites Pvt. Ltd. – Goa’s first online meal box launched in 2018. Today, Priyanka is a full-fledged Mind Coach in India. Priyanka speaks about taking up mind coaching as a career. “I did not discover Mind Coaching. It chose me. Our childhood experiences can give us destructive and damaging beliefs that

influence our adulthood. Growing up with racism and bullying in Europe in the 90s as a brown-skinned girl caused deep-rooted beliefs and fears in me that I struggled with up to my late 20s.

Professionally and academically, I thought I am a success. Personally, the same me, struggled with her fears. I decided in 2007 that I need to make myself self-sufficient, mentally and emotionally. I started studying the mind, the subconscious, releasing of fears, limiting beliefs and harmful emotions. I was my own subject of study, for a decade.”

As a certified Image Consultant, she soon discovered her client’s desires to upgrade their physical appearance and behaviour, always had an internal trigger of lack and less. She felt her job was very superficial and people needed more than image consultants. She started applying her own tools and techniques to help them shift their image within.

Over time, her years of self-study transformed into coaching with speed and effortless flow conspired by the Universe. Today, Priyanka is not just a Mind

Coach or a certified Belief Clearing Practitioner; But a ‘purposepreneur’, living her purpose. The pandemic helped her grow nationally, with 360 coaching hours in over twelve cities across three countries. Since April, Priyanka has conducted over 35 Master Classes on subconscious reprogramming for educational institutions and corporates such as ONGC, Cap Gemini, Tech Mahindra, Lenskart, Kotak Bank, Indian Medical Association.

Priyanka uses a 3- layered approach to coach her clients. Beginning with training the conscious mind to drop over-thinking and mental noise, reject negative thoughts, condition positive thoughts and learn the hacks of a successful mindset, these being the first step. The next step Priyanka says is ‘reprogramming the subconscious mind’ by dismantling the roots of childhood beliefs, creating new and empowering beliefs while clearing damaging beliefs. The last is the ‘release of energy’ where negative emotions, feelings, memories and experiences are let go.

Priyanka says, “Some of my clients have removed the fear of exams in 2-weeks,

anxiety in 3 weeks, fear of driving in 1 week, over-thinking, low self worth, not being good enough at work in 4 weeks, abuse and trauma in 4-5weeks, fear of death in 45-days thus proving that my sessions have helped them tremendously.”

Apart from mind coaching, Priyanka is an active member of Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera and BNI Goa.

Regarding the roadblocks faced along the way, Priyanka says, “Transition from in-person sessions to online sessions. Mastering the art of online coaching/master class and webinars and ensuring the effectiveness of tools, technqiues, and modes of delivery of content and ensuring the end outcomes do not get diluted. The challenge lies when people think that they don’t need a mind coach. Convincing clients that they need help is a constant effort in my line of coaching.”

Priyanka gives credit for what she is to today, to her family and friends. “I am doing what I am doing today only due to family support. They have given me the freedom of choice and the space to focus on being a purposepreneur with minimal distractions and personal responsibilities. This allows me to flow with great speed, safe in the knowledge that I have a safety net that has my back. I am blessed.

My closest friendships have walked this path with me; from my corporate career, to being an entrepreneur to taking tough decisions to become a mind coach. They believed in me at times when I didn’t believe in myself.”

As far as her future plans go, Priyanka’s national website and national campaigns are being launched in the coming weeks in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune as well as 3 upcoming coaching programs

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