Trailblazing zero-waste chemical manufacturing


In the quaint village of Madkai, a tale of innovation unfolds as Ashutosh Industries takes center stage rewriting the norms of chemical manufacturing

Founded by an individual with a wealth of experience, this company stands as a beacon of sustainability and zero-waste practices

The genesis of Ashutosh Industries traces back to a career journey steeped in diverse experiences. Ashutosh Sardesai, armed with a degree in chemistry and further expertise in systems management, embarked on an 18-year-long expedition within the Sardesai group. His tenure traversed various departments, quality control, distillation, effluent treatments, and production, providing him with a holistic understanding of the chemical industry. Unlike many confined to a single department, Ashutosh’s journey allowed him to glean insights and mastery across the spectrum of operations. Unlike conventional career trajectories, this journey offered a unique blend of expertise across various facets of the industry, laying the groundwork for what would eventually become Ashutosh Industries.
The spark of entrepreneurship ignited within Uday B Sardesai (Ashutosh’s father) while working on thinners in a small unit near his ancestral home. The demand grew steadily, beckoning him to delve deeper into the entrepreneurial waters. Leaving behind a promising career, he took the plunge into full-time business. The Government of Goa’s declaration of Madkai Industrial Development Corporation further spurred the expansion of his unit, leading to the establishment of Ashutosh Industries, a pioneering zero-waste chemical industry in India. Acquiring essential licenses and permissions, the company began providing innovative solutions in paints, inks, coatings, catering to diverse industries ranging from automobiles to pharmaceuticals.

Ashutosh Sardesai with his father Uday Sardesai

Astra edible inks

Industrial units entrance

While Ashutosh Sardesai had a rich business background, establishing Ashutosh Industries posed its own set of challenges. However, drawing inspiration from his father’s entrepreneurial spirit, he overcame obstacles with resilience. The ability to diversify and innovate became key strengths, allowing the company to navigate challenges and emerge stronger.

The journey was not without its challenges. Establishing Ashutosh Industries posed obstacles, but the commitment to sustainability, innovation, and quality became the driving force. The Goa State Pollution Control Board played a pivotal role, offering guidance and auditing processes, enabling efficient recycling of spent solvents. What sets Ashutosh Industries apart is its holistic approach. Offering end-to-end solutions from tailor-made products to the responsible collection and disposal of spent solvents, recycling, and reusing containers, the company strives to reduce carbon footprints and champion sustainable practices.

Innovation is at the heart of Ashutosh Industries. A dedicated in-house laboratory ensures rigorous quality control, testing raw materials and final products. Collaborating closely with customers, the company conducts trials to craft optimal solutions. A significant milestone has been the expansion into the food industry, manufacturing Astra Edible Ink for photo cakes and coffee printing. This diversification showcases Ashutosh Industries’ adaptability and commitment to continuous innovation.

The trajectory of Ashutosh Industries extends beyond the horizon. The model, rooted in environmentally safe processes, is poised for replication across India. The company actively explores opportunities to export edible ink to foreign markets, solidifying its position as a global player in sustainable manufacturing. To those contemplating entry into the manufacturing sector, the advice is straightforward, “Trust oneself and take the leap!”

Ashutosh Industries stands as a testament to the power of dedication, expertise, and the courage to spearhead change. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation, the company continues to reshape the landscape of chemical manufacturing, one eco-friendly stride at a time. As this trailblazing enterprise continues to expand its footprint and explore new horizons, it not only sets industry standards but also inspires future generations of entrepreneurs. The story of Ashutosh Industries is a narrative of resilience, vision, and a bold step towards a sustainable future.

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