Tito’s Goa turns 50

 The D’Souza brothers unveil expansion plans and Tito’sFoundation  for the underprivileged  and homeless

India’s No. 1 Night Club, Tito’s, is all set to celebrate its Golden Jubilee on 19th November 2021.  Walking down memory-lane, Ricardo D’Souza and David D’Souza describe this journey of 50 years to be one filled with warmth, nostalgia and gratitude.

Ricardo D’Souza said, “Any visitor to Goa never leaves without experiencing the best of nightlife at Tito’s and this is the benchmark which we are committed to keeping today and always.”

Since 1971, Tito’s, Goa has grown into one  of  the best  Night Club in the country which has drawn tourists  from far and wide.  “The response has been so overwhelming, we are sure that both domestic and international visitors from every nook and corner have stepped foot at Tito’s,” says David D’Souza.

Tito’s is the most famous and popular nightlife place in Goa. Located at Tito’s Lane in North Goa, Baga, this was one of the first discotheque to open in the state. Electrifying lights, rhythmic music, and a thundering dance floor, there is a party every day here in the tourist season. But on Saturday nights, the dance floor is on fire. Music and party lovers from all over the world converge here to party.

Tito’s courtyard comprises of an open-air restaurant, a concert space, and the nightclubs namely – Club Tito’s, Tito’s Arena and Café Mambo.

Café Mambo, which is just across the lane has also become very popular. Tito’s can accommodate 10,000 party people at any given point of time.

“And while we are growing year after year, we now feel it’s time to expand further with a mission in mind,” explains Ricardo.

Tito’s is expanding globally and has started its first Club Tito’s franchise in Pune and will see 27 more within the next 18 months across globally.

D’Souza said, “We have already started our new affiliate called Tito’s Hotels which has begun operations in two properties and it will be expanding with six more by August 2022. We have also started a new affiliate called Tito’s Eats which we will be launching on 19th November 2021. We are launching our new affiliate called Tito’s Travel from 19th November 2021.We already have Tito’s Spirits and will be marketing it aggressively across India.”

The D’Souza brothers further said, “We have launched out Tito’s Foundation that will look into the needs of the under privileged and homeless with immediate effect.”

They concluded saying,  “We are extremely thankful to the Goa government for their support and all the local authorities. We thank the media immensely for all the support that has been extended to us in this journey of 5 decades, promoting us and helping us in our endeavours. We are looking forward to your continued support in our new ventures and initiatives.”



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