The Real Fizz of Goa steps into its 50th Year

Real Soda was first manufactured on 6th June 1972 by Real Drinks Pvt Ltd, a branch of Real Group of Companies .

The brand name REAL was coined by its founder Late Gajanan G Shirodkar and all the companies are collectively called Real Group. Real Manik was a product conceptualised by Gajanan in the memory of his late mother Manik Ganu Shirodkar.

Real Soda and Real Group is a popular and well known trademark and most of the companies have ISO Certification. Cafe Real, Real Drinks, Real Food Exporters, Real House and Bottling, Agencia Real, Real Agencies and Party Hall are some of the key role companies and branches of Real Group of Companies.

Late Dilip Shirodkar also has played a major role in the development and success of these companies.

Gajanan Shirodkar

Real Drinks Pvt. Ltd. was started by late Gajanan G Shirodkar in 1972. Since then, the company has been manufacturing non-alcoholic beverages like Real Soda, Cola, Orona, Lemony, Real Manik (clear Lemon), Tonic Water, Kane Mix Berry, and a high quality packaged drinking water under the brand name, Real.

Real Drinks Pvt. Ltd is an ISO (22000- 2005) certified company. Real Drinks Pvt Ltd. is one of the most important arms of the Real Group of Companies which enjoys tremendous goodwill and good reputation due to its high quality standards.

The mission of Real Drinks is to provide customer satisfaction, by assuring customers of only the best quality products at all times that comply with all food safety requirements and enhance the brand image of the company. At Real Drinks, they have HACCP certification which analyses hazards and recognizes the critical control points in order to prevent danger. The brand is passionate about customer care.

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