The Environment Friendly Bio-STP

A Bio STP keeping in line with the company’s mission of a clean and green planet and Swacch Bharat

Rajkumar Kamat

Human waste (faecal matter) disposal is an ever growing problem leading to the threat of organic pollution and rise of infectious diseases due to contamination of ground water, food chain and drinking water resources.

Our local government bodies have been unable to cope up with the population explosion and as a result we have some unfavourable conventional technologies like septic tank systems which need to be re-looked into so as to preserve and save our environment for future generations.

EP Kamat Group, a Goan enterprise, certified providers of STP-ETP solution; in line with its mission of a clean, green and safe planet has come up with an innovative design which replaces traditional septic tanks with Bio septic tanks for individual homes and bio STP for housing complexes.

Bio-septic tank uses DRDO technology innovatively, to customise the waste treatment process for  optimum results and minimal cost, while delivering desired results, thereby contributing effectively to environment protection and Swacch Bharat mission. Bio STP Plus is a combination of a bio-digester and reed bed which makes it a unique operation and maintenance free system. The major difference is in the manner in which the human waste is treated. In the past few years, a variety of treatment solutions have come up in the market but none of them are as popular and efficient as the Bio-Digester Technology developed by DRDO, Ministry of Defence, and Government of India.

This technology was initially developed to cater to  the needs of Indian soldiers posted in high altitude regions. With successful results, the technology is being offered to the entire country under the Swacch Bharat Mission. DRDO is a premier research organisation and has left no stone unturned to ensure that the very best technology is offered to the market.

The BIO- STP has three key components which perform the task of treating human waste matter and converting it to safe water fit for irrigation / gardening. It is also called hybrid system as both Anaerobic and Aerobic reactions are being utilized .

Anaerobic Microbial Inoculum (commonly called as the AMI: Anaerobic Microbial Inoculum). This is a non hazardous solution which is poured into the bio-digester tank and works round the clock to treat the human faecal matter and converts it to water, bio gas.

Bio-Digester: A specially designed tank which contains the AMI and into which flows the black water (toilet discharge). This tank can be installed over or under the ground as per the site requirements. It is delivered factory assembled and only the inlet and outlet connections have to be made at the site.

Reed bed: innovative system, which contains the layers of different sizes of media, compost soil/mud, where typical water sucking plants are grown. Plants roots consume unwanted material & roots provide oxygen. The process of oxygenation takes place; hence aeration reaction is established.The water which comes out of reed bed is used for gardening or horticulture.

“EP Kamat Group hopes to substantially reduce ground water contamination as well as use of energy through these environment friendly products for greener future,” says Founder and Managing Director, Rajkumar Kamat

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