The Big Forkers: Fun ‘n Food Online

Good food, banter and fun – in a web series showcasing various cuisines and best places to eat               

Apart from its party tag, Goa is now being looked as a dining destination which has brought The Big Forkers here, with their honest reviews, scrumptious food and humour, all packed in one series.

A brainchild of cousins Sid Mewara and Shanky (Shashank Jayakumar). Sid was born in Delhi, became a chef, dabbled in the corporate world for a few years, started his own companies and then decided to create a Food and Travel show. Shanky, who grew up in Mumbai, is a serial technology entrepreneur, an advisor to the World Bank, a biker and is known for his humour and travelling in search of a particular meal even if it is 300 kms away.

The first season of The Big Forkers was shot in Mumbai and it was decided to shoot Season 2 in Goa, with 20 episodes shot and now in post production. Till date 5 episodes have been aired on YouTube and Instagram. Their mission in this season is to throw light on the range and variety on offer, and highlight the lives of people that share cuisine and culture. Given that Goa has so much to offer from Goan cuisine (Hindu, Christian, regional, tribal); to a range of international, fine dining, nouvelle cuisine and street food, this is their way of highlighting the Goan life, understand and respect the locals.

The Big Forkers encompasses their experiences, repartee and joie de vivre for food, drinks and life by describing their own take on various cuisines – making it easier for people to choose their food and dining options.

They have a cult like following of diehard fans, a group that is slowly gaining ground across media platforms

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