Redefining agriculture with AI-driven hydroponics

We explore Neural Kissan’s strategies, and impact of their innovations on the tourism and hospitality sectors in Goa

Thejus Joseph

Neural Kissan is a pioneering initiative by a group of young innovators from Don Bosco Engineering College, aiming to transform agricultural practices through AI and hydroponics. Supported by the Forum for Innovation Incubation Research and Entrepreneurship (FiiRE) in Goa, this project focuses on producing fresh, organic produce year-round, independent of seasonal constraints.


1.1 Overview of Neural Kissan

Neural Kissan was founded by four visionary students: Sai Rane, Pranav Naik, Kapil Patil, and Rhys Rodrigues. Their mission is to overcome the limitations of traditional agriculture by utilizing a controlled, soil-less environment that allows for the cultivation of strawberries and exotic vegetables all year round.

1.2 The Role of Hydroponics and AI

At the heart of Neural Kissan’s operation is hydroponics, a method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent. By integrating AI, the team optimises the growth conditions for each plant species, ensuring maximum efficiency and yield.

  1. Neural Kissan’s Journey

2.1 From Concept to Prototype

The idea for Neural Kissan emerged from a college engineering project aimed at commercialisation. The team’s dedication led them to FiiRE Goa, where they secured strategic investment and mentorship to transition from a mere concept to a viable prototype.

2.2 Strategic Investment and Support

FiiRE Goa recognized the potential of Neural Kissan and invested 10 lakhs through the NIDHI PRAYAS scheme for prototyping. This support has been crucial in refining their hardware and preparing for broader commercial deployment.

  1. Collaboration with TourismTech

3.1 FiiRE Goa’s Role

As India’s first Tourism Tech Incubator, FiiRE Goa plays a pivotal role in nurturing startups that blend technology with tourism and hospitality, aligning perfectly with Neural Kissan’s objectives.

3.2 Impact on Local Tourism

Neural Kissan’s technology promises to revolutionise Goa’s hospitality industry by providing fresh, quality produce throughout the year, enhancing the culinary experiences offered by local hotels and restaurants.

  1. Mentorship and Growth

4.1 World-Class Guidance

Neural Kissan benefits from weekly mentorship sessions with experts from leading global corporations like Intel and Apple. This guidance is vital in transforming their project into a market-ready product.

 4.2 Expertise in Business Strategy and Technology

The advice from experienced mentors helps the team navigate the complexities of business strategy and technological development, ensuring that Neural Kissan is well-equipped to meet market demands.

  1. Future Prospects

 5.1 Enhancing Agricultural Sustainability

By reducing the dependency on traditional farming methods and seasonal changes, Neural Kissan contributes significantly to agricultural sustainability, potentially reducing water usage and carbon footprints.

5.2 Potential Market Expansion

Looking forward, Neural Kissan aims to expand beyond Goa, potentially serving markets where fresh produce availability is limited by climatic conditions.

Final thoughts

Neural Kissan stands at the forefront of agricultural innovation, with its AI-enhanced hydroponic systems poised to make significant contributions to food sustainability and the hospitality industry in Goa. With continued support from FiiRE and its mentors, Neural Kissan is set to become a key player in the future of farming

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