Akhilesh Bhise, a Civil Engineering graduate from Goa Engineering College, embarked on a journey to explore the realms of design after obtaining his professional degree in 2017. Alongside his expertise in Civil Engineering, he holds a diploma in 3D Architectural Building Design, fueling his passion for integrating design with Virtual Reality (VR) to provide clients with a real-time experience. Akhilesh actively delivers lectures at various educational institutes, sharing his startup journey and mentoring students on their college projects. As he himself has undergone a startup journey, he makes a point to mentor and guide students in college projects. He also takes time out to deliver lectures in Goa College of Architecture, Smt. Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts & Science, and Don Bosco College of Engineering. Akhilesh travels to various design expos, updating his knowledge and skill-set with the advancement in technology.
In 2019, he founded INNOVENT, a leading construction and engineering company in Goa that pioneers digital technology adoption, particularly VR, to offer clients a unique and immersive construction experience. By utilising lifelike 3D models, INNOVENT enables clients to visualise their finished spaces and facilitates quick and efficient modifications, resulting in significant cost and time savings. The company also leverages other in-house tools and technologies for visualisation, estimation, procurement, budget control, and more. INNOVENT’s commitment to customer experience and digital innovation has established them as industry leaders. Additionally, Akhilesh believes in imparting relevant knowledge to students and considers VR as a powerful educational tool that enhances the learning process, providing students with hands-on experience in the construction field. Furthermore, INNOVENT envisions transforming the tourism industry through VR technology, offering immersive and convenient virtual travel experiences to explore destinations worldwide. This innovative approach not only promotes destinations effectively but also makes tourism more accessible and cost-effective. As a member of BNI Dynamic chapter since August 2022, He acknowledges the significant contribution of BNI in expanding his business network and enhancing his professional relationships. He values the mantra of ‘Givers Gain’ and appreciates the collaborative nature of BNI, which has improved his business growth.
Attending weekly meetings and participating in training sessions organised by BNI has further enriched his career development, as the organisation provides valuable connections within his sector

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