Pilerne Fire: High Level Committee formed to investigate cause

North Goa Collectorate to initiate detailed inquiry into major fire incident at Pilerne Industrial Estate

A major fire which broke out at the Berger Becker Coating Pvt Ltd situated in the Pilerne Industrial Estate has led the Home Department to form a high level committee to look into the cause of the fire and give their suggestions so as to avoid similar incidents in the future. The committee has been given a 15 day deadline to submit its report to the Government.

Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant announced that a team would be formed under the chairmanship of the North Goa Collector to look into the fire outbreak at the paint factory.
A seven member committee, has been formed, chaired under Mamu Hage, North Goa Collector, which includes Nitin Raikar, Director of Fire and Emergency Services; Shamila Monteiro, Member Secretary of Goa State Pollution Control Board; Mayur Hede, Superintendent Engineer of Electricity Department; Sohan Uskaikar, General Manager of Goa Industrial Development Corporation Ltd.; Anant Pangam, Senior Inspector of Factories and Boilers; and Vishwesh Karpe, Sub Divisional Police Officer, Porvorim.

The main objective of the committee will be to find out how the fire started potential threats, and the reason for its spread. Also it should determine whether there was any wrongdoing and name the person or people accountable for the fire incident.

The committee has also requested for information whether all rules and regulations pertaining to security and fire safety were in place and working properly as well as compliance with the safety guidelines for the storage of hazardous materials.

It will also inspect the extent of damage and any potential environmental effects caused by the fire. Further, the committee will also suggest any technical or operational measures and actions that should be taken to prevent similar incidents.

The Fire and Emergency Services will also be evaluated for its preparedness and determine whether sufficient firefighting supplies and equipment were on hand at the time of the incident.
The Chief Minister has stated that the Goa State Pollution Control Board has been asked to study the area’s ambient air and water quality and submit a report.

Meanwhile, voices were raised in the State Legislative Assembly to relocate the plant from Pilerne Industrial Estate, when Calangute MLA Michael Lobo raised the issue in the House.

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