Perfecting the art of Chaat

Dhanish Bankley with his venture, Chaat Di Hatti, promises to deliver a flavourful experience of India

Chaat foods are a favourite to many and if you are looking to take your experience to a whole other level, Chaat Di
Hatti promises to do just that. Dhanish Bankley is a passionate entrepreneur and has been successful in establishing
outlets in five cities of Goa – Margao, Panjim, Vasco, Porvorim and Curchorem.

Dhanish studied engineering with a specialisation in Mechatronics, which led him to a career working in manufacturing and export. However, within a year of his journey as a young entrepreneur, he realised that there is a huge market gap prevalent in Goa for chaat delicacies. Being an absolute foodie, he delved deep into it. He stated that his 22-year-old self, fresh out college could not have fathomed that his passion would become such a huge success.

In all his endeavours, Dhanish had strongly realised that hurdles and obstacles are a part of the journey that one cannot evade. Hence, he believes that, “You only lose if you quit, failures are just hurdles to jump.” So, each morning he tries to make himself a better and brighter person, just striving to satiate his need to create a small difference while following his passions.

Dhanish describes himself as a dedicated and diligent individual but slightly shy. He explains, “However, as we
all know network equals net worth. Hence, I am currently striving to create a wholesome connection with my fellow
entrepreneurs in trial to create a bigger impact in the fields of manufacturing production and food in Goa.

Panaji Outlet

The journey for Dhanish of establishing Chaat Di Hatti, began with their family shop nestled within the vibrant Umiya Mercado mall. Drawn by the desire to offer a culinary experience that resonated with their Gujarati heritage, Dhanish embarked on a quest to bring something unique to the table. This quest led him to the discovery of Chaat Di Hatti, a brand that aligned perfectly with his vision, and taking on its franchise marked the pivotal moment when his entrepreneurial journey took off. The concept of Chaat Di Hatti originated from a passion for infusing the authentic flavours of Gujarat into Goa’s diverse food scene. Recognising the absence of options that truly captured their palate preferences, the idea to establish Chaat Di Hatti took shape. This venture embodies their dedication to bringing traditional Indian street food with a contemporary twist to the forefront that caters to both, nostalgia and innovation.

Vasco Outlet

At Chaat Di Hatti, they have curated a menu that takes customers on a tantalising journey across the corners of India. From the sizzling streets of Mumbai, they bring in the iconic Pav Bhaji that is bursting with flavour. One can savour the essence of Gujarat with their Kachori Chaat, and experience the vibrancy of Delhi through their special Momos. One can even indulge in Punjabi delight with their Aloo Paratha, and relish the zest of Maharashtra with their Misal Pav.

The food outlet goes all in and customers should brace themselves for an explosion of tastes with their Dahi Puri, where the tanginess of yogurt meets the crunch of puris, and if you are looking for an extraordinary experience, do not miss out on their bestseller, the Chaat Basket which is a symphony of chaat and canapés that is sure to leave your taste buds dancing in delight. Their menu is a celebration of India’s diverse culinary heritage, each dish carefully crafted to transport you to the heart of its origin.

On taking on challenges, he encountered while establishing Chaat Di Hatti outlets, Dhanish expressed that, “Starting our venture came with its share of challenges, one of them being the quest for the perfect shop location. We embarked on a journey of scouting and deliberation to find the ideal setting that would amplify the Chaat Di Hatti experience. In addition, we encountered logistical hurdles that demanded creative problemsolving. With determination and a proactive approach, we strategically addressed these obstacles by meticulously selecting skilled staff and streamlining operational processes. Our adaptability and commitment to learning played a pivotal role in overcoming these initial challenges.”

Dhanish also provides some of the insights he gained on running an enterprise at a young age. He said that starting
a business in his early 20s has taught him the importance of resilience, adaptability, and continuous learning. “It is crucial to be open to feedback, stay updated with industry trends, and remain dedicated to your vision. Moreover, surrounding oneself with experienced mentors and a supportive team can also significantly contribute to the success of a young entrepreneur,” adds Dhanish.

Speaking about his aspirations for his franchise he optimistically mentioned, “My future goals for Chaat Di Hatti include expanding the number of outlets from 12 to 20 by the end of the year. I am dedicated to extending the brand’s reach across more locations in Goa, ensuring that our authentic chaat flavours continue to delight even more customers.”

On establishing ventures other than the current, he stated, “In addition to our current venture, I see a promising opportunity to explore the cloud kitchen model. Embracing this new-age business approach will allow us to enhance our digital presence and expand our customer base. I am excited to delve into digital marketing strategies and leverage technology to take Chaat Di Hatti to greater heights”.

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