“Our prime focus is to fill the void and train as many resources as possible in order to attract large IT players in Goa”

Milind Prabhu, Chairman, GCCI Technology Committee, talks about his focus for his term, changes needed in the State’s tech scenario; and building a connect with the industry

Share your experience in the technology industry over the years
I have worked in the tech industry for over 12 years. We started off from Goa in the year 2011 and then expanded to Pune in 2014. A lot of things have changed during this time. The way we hire people, the way to do business and the way the world has been shaping the IT industry globally. Back then, Google as a search engine was a very reliable source to generate quality leads but today we have reliable connections made through in person meetings that can act as saviors. Goa’s IT industry has not seen any substantial growth over the years.

You are the Chairman of the Technology Committee at GCCI. What can you tell us about the same?
At the Chamber, our prime focus is to help Goan companies network with surrounding ecosystems and ecosystems around the world. We would like to help the industries connect with key players via various road shows on a regular basis. We also understand that acute shortage of resource is a hindrance to get large IT industries in Goa. Our prime focus will be to fill the void and train as many resources as possible in order to attract large IT players in Goa. We would like to compliment the vision of the government to create a skilled work force. While other IT organisations are doing a good job in Goa to interconnect the entire ecosystem, we look to branch outside and attract larger players in the State.

Who is part of your team and what strengths do they bring to the table?
At the Chamber we have representatives from various incubators, other ecosystem enablers and senior people from the industry guiding us on the progress for Goa in the field of IT.

The GCCI IT Committee along with members from GCCI, Goa Technology Association (GTA) and Department of IT, Government of Goa at the Sampark Yatra conducted by the GCCI IT Committee at Hubli in association with Deshpande Startups and GTA

What are the various projects that you have envisaged during your term as Chairman of GCCI’s IT Committee?
Our focus agenda during this term would be to create excellent skilling organisations in Goa in the field of IT. We would also make persistent efforts to allow for global networking for the IT and startup entrepreneurs in the State.

What is your opinion on the IT scenario in Goa? What are the challenges faced by the IT industry in the State?
Goa has an excellent opportunity to become a centralised hub for creative, back office and development work. While Goa has everything it takes to attract large players, we lack the required manpower in the scale that is demanded. In my opinion Goan entrepreneurs should start networking
globally, explore markets around the world and be frequently updated with the developments in our industry.

What steps do you think the Government needs to take in order to make our State more tech-savvy?
The Government has been playing its role to promote the IT and startup industry via various schemes rolled out in the form of incentives to the startups.

What changes need to be brought about in our education system so as to make it more tech-friendly and have more students enter the field of technology?
Goa actually does produce some of the finest software engineers. What I do believe is that the passion for software engineering is lacking to some extent amongst the engineers in Goa. We need to allow for more practical subjects, and engage the students to make them fall in love with engineering. Various large scale events such as the Development Summit organised by the Chamber in 2022 will help infuse this passion amongst the technocrats in Goa.

How are you building a connect with the industry to further the aims and objectives of the tech committee?
Goa is a pretty small state and we are sufficiently inter-connected with
entrepreneurs here in Goa. We further wish to connect the networks from the neighbouring startup ecosystems in order to infuse growth and learning.

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