Oriental Fest

Fortune Miramar brings us an array of authentic Asian cuisine at their Annual Ramens and More Festival

The Orchid is an elegant restaurant with wonderful service and ambience that offers up delicious food. First off, the atmosphere in every hotel in the ITC brand is exceptionally good. They have consistently exceeded our expectations in terms of comfort.

The restaurant’s ambience pairs well with the cuisines Orchid has to offer. You are taken to a new degree of splendour by it. The month-long annual Ramens and More festival was held at Fortune Miramar. The head chef at Orchid, Montague Dias, offered us a glimpse of some of his favourites like the Singapore Chilli Crab and Indonesia’s Nasi Goreng. 

Despite the fact that one might have to use hand signals and pointing at the names of the dishes to communicate their order, the pleasant wait staff was all too attentive.

We began with a cool Orange Fizz, as suggested by Chef Montague, which was made with grenadine syrup, orange juice, and tonic water. It appeared to be a gorgeous sunset cocktail with vibrant colours. Each sip has a faintly bitter aftertaste that makes you want another one.

They served us a delicious bowl of Sichuan Chilli Prawn Wontons as we moved on to the starters. Just as anticipated, the wrapper had the ideal texture and the filling is made up entirely of excellent, fresh shrimp. Due to the presence of sichuan peppercorns, it had the perfect amount of heat and flavour. Wontons are often enjoyed the way they are, but this variation definitely made my taste buds tingle.

Moving on let’s talk about the festival’s highlight: Ramen. A savoury broth, different kinds of noodles, a variety of meats or vegetables, and frequently a boiled egg on top, make up Japanese ramen a type of noodle soup. We choose the Tonkotsu Pork Ramen, the Chasu Ramen, and the Shoyu Charred Chicken Ramen. 

Each dish is overflowing with a variety of meats and fresh vegetables. The broth of the Shoyu Charred Chicken Ramen was flavorful and light. Ramen called “shoyu” has a soy sauce broth. Shoyu is the name for soy sauce in Japanese. Along with powerful umami flavours, it also has a distinct sour flavour. Shoyu broth is quite calming. It often has a light, transparent brown colour. The dish was brightened up by zuchini and mushrooms.

The zucchinis and mushrooms brought a pop of colour in the dish. The oozing egg yolk paired fairly well with noodles and broth, giving it a smooth and silky texture. The soy-glazed chicken, in my opinion, was the dish’s standout ingredient because it had a crispy exterior and tender interior when you bite into it. It truly was a symphony of flavours in my mouth. Along with it we also tried the Tonkotsu Pork Ramen and the Chasu Ramen.

The Chasu Ramen is served with a thick and flavourful broth. It’s hearty and has a lot of fat, but that’s what gives it an almost creamy texture. The Chasu is marinated in ginger, sake, soy sauce, water, sugar, and long green onions, making it more sensitive and delicate. It can be created as a block or a rolled log. The log is a popular option since it keeps the meat moist and tender and can be cut easily. The most popular cut for creating Chasu is pork belly. Tonkotsu is braised pork with a crispier outer layer, whilst Chasu provides a more tender bite of the pork with its fatty flavour.

As our stomachs were getting smaller, we dared to try another dish and saw that our appetites were starting to return. We chose the Chicken Clay Pot Rice with ambition, and it came as no surprise that the portions of the main dish were both delectable and big, enough to satisfy at least four more hungry people. A Chinese comfort food dish that is picture-perfect is Chicken clay pot rice. The traditional blend of wood ear mushrooms and lily flower gives it an amazing earthy flavour. The silkiest chicken you’ve ever eaten is also served there. The garlic sauce and the black bean sauce, two types of sauce that would suit the guests’ palates, were served with the clay pot rice.

Everyone knows that a meal is incomplete if it doesn’t include something sweet at the end. Therefore, we chose the dishes that were in high demand: Fried Ice Cream and Miso Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce. A scoop of hard-frozen ice cream is covered in batter and quickly deep-fried to create a warm, crispy covering around the still-cold ice cream in the recipe for fried ice cream. Berry compote was used to counteract the sweetness of the ice cream on a beautifully presented platter.

The Miso Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce was unquestionably the most anticipated. When you bite into what initially appears to be an ordinary cheesecake, you are immediately struck by the cheesecake’s excellent creaminess and the flavour of miso, which is both faint and perceptible.

It almost seems mystical how these two utterly unique components, when combined properly, taste delicious.

Orchid has set a high standard of fine dining experience. Visit Fortune Miramar’s annual Ramens and More festival while you still have the chance to do so because it will not only fill your stomach but also satiate your soul. 

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