Nirmal Kulkarni receives Outlook Traveler Responsible Tourism Award

Nirmal Kulkarni has been awarded the Outlook Traveller Responsible Tourism Award in the Pathfinder category. Kulkarni a herpetologist, wildlife photographer, and artist, is a well-known name in Goa, especially in wildlife and photography circles. The award was presented by the CEO of The Outlook Group, Indranil Roy; Project Editor of Outlook Responsible Tourism, Soity Banerjee; actor Adil Hussain and Vice Chair, Global Sustainable Tourism Council, C B Ramkumar.

Kulkarni is a Goan ecologist and researcher, associated with Wildernest Nature Resort, Chorla Ghat, Goa, as Director of ecology for the last 22 years.

His work with communities in the hinterlands of Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka has resulted in many individuals and grassroots organisations taking the path towards sustainable and eco-conscious tourism across wild landscapes in India. Kulkarni has been leading regular conservation expedition tours for wildlife enthusiasts and researchers for the past 2 decades.

His work in the North Western Ghats involves combining wildlife research with responsible tourism in areas like the Chorla Ghats, the Kali Tiger Reserve and the Sirsi Malnad region.

Kulkarni also serves as an expert member of the Goa State Biodiversity Board, Director of the Mhadei Research Centre, Senior Consultant at the Wildlife Conservation Society India (WCS India), and member of the Viper Specialist Group IUCN.


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