Mineral Corporation report on leases expected around November- end

The Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd (MECL) is likely to submit the report on mining leases inspection by the end of November, based on which the State Government will take a decision on the number of leases to be put for auction.

MECL representatives have begun inspections of 77 leases in order to quantify the ore in these leases, after which the leases will be auctioned. Further, the MECL will also determine if there is any kind of vegetation or habitation on the land.

The Government submitted documents pertaining to these leases to MECL. Earlier, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Government with the MECL in order to identify new iron ore mines in the State. Given the delay in resumption of mining activities, a mining corporation was formed by the State Government to identify new mineral blocks in order to restart mining.

A senior officer of the MECL stated that once they finalise the blocks to be auctioned, the leases will be transferred to the mining corporation, and later auctioned. Mining in Goa came to a stop in March 2018 following the decision of the Supreme Court to quash the second renewal of 88 mining leases


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