Minanath Jalmi selected for ‘Agricultural Entrepreneur Award’

A resident of Kudne village, Minanath Mohan Jalmi has become the first Goan to be selected for the ‘Agricultural Entrepreneur Award’. This award is given to people working for the benefit of farmers in various states of India by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Framers Welfare. Jalmi is awarded for his tireless work for the welfare of farmers in Goa. Jalmi is the chairman of the Goa Rural Agricultural Society which along with other organisations guides farmers on various topics related to agriculture along with solving their problems.

Jalmi is also the director in the board of directors of Gomanchal Dairy in Kudne. He has started a goat rearing business in the premises of Gomanchal Dairy. Jalmi will receive the award in January 2023 at the hands of Narendra Singh Tomar, Union Minister of Agriculture.

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