Making Bold Fashion Statements

Naresh Ravindranath’s NAD – The Men’s Store is on a roll to make men experiment with their style and clothing choices.

NARESH RAVINDRANATH Founder, NAD – The Men’s Store

Men’s fashion trends are pushing the boundaries of late. Whether it is drawing influence from the streets of urban New York, European grandeur or the rural charm of India, the lines of gender are being blurred in fashion. Today’s menswear is a mélange of heritage and expression mixed with a bright splash of colour. The world of fashion progresses with these trends that re-imagine style for the modern man.
In Goa, Naresh Ravindranath, founder of NAD – The Men’s Store has a passion for clothing and fashion and established a store that caters exclusively to men, in the picturesque village of Assagao. A world traveler and free thinker and having run a lighting business for 20 years with offices in Mumbai, Dubai, Hong Kong and China; Naresh wound up everything and came to Goa when the pandemic hit. Having always been inclined towards fashion and clothing with an eye for detail and colours, he had a vision for setting up a men’s fashion brand since he was a child.
Speaking on the idea behind setting up NAD-The Men’s Store Naresh says, “I had been planning the brand and product since 2016. When I moved to Goa during the pandemicin 2020, I realised there was no exclusive store for men. I immediately thought of doing something in the men’s fashion space. I got the opportunity to be the only men’s designer onboard, in a lifestyle store being curated by Vikram Phadnis − Adhvan. This became a huge success and within a year I got my own store space in Assagao. I designed the space and created a special line for the store.”
Naresh follows a simple design philosophy – “Be Bold, Be Wild, Be Yourself! I love colours combined with bold and unique designs. This is what I incorporate into my clothing while designing and make sure that the style is a wearble one.”
The USP of NAD – The Men’s Store is its limited edition on every print and design. Customers will rarely find anyone else wearing the same design. The fabrics are breathable and extremely comfortable on the body. It’s the only brand in Goa which is only for men. This is what makes NAD- The Men’s Store unique.
The collection available at the store include printed and solid linen shirts, cotton pants, shorts, t-shirts, hats, socks, bags and accessories that scream resort wear. The collection is inspired by Naresh’s numerous globe-trotting adventures. “Travel widens one’s perspective in life and gives one a huge exposure to the different customs and cultures around us. I draw inspiration from the places I have visited, the people I have met or seen on the streets. Every place has its own charm and I have done my best to incorporate all this in my designs,” adds Naresh.           
Naresh sources his materials from Gujarat, Bengal and Tamil Nadu. His accessories like buttons and tapes come in from Hong Kong and everything is assembled in Bangalore and Tirupur.
With NAD – The Men’s Store, Naresh is trying to change the mindset of men. “I want men to wear my bold and wild designs – and I am getting there. There has been a huge change in the way men dress up, thanks to the exposure and social media. Men are now getting very trendy and willing to experiment. Many of my customers who walk into the store are super excited that it an ‘only men’s’ store – they get a huge feeling of emancipation.”
Naresh intends to set up more stores in different cities. “We will also be going online soon to cater to the Indian and world market. I want to put Goa up there on the world map in relation to fashion besides being just a party capital.”
As we go ahead, expect the momentum around menswear to gather pace. We no longer live in the era of dress codes, but of individual style. In the words of Naresh himself, “Be Bold, Be Wild, and Be Yourself!”

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