Making architectural marvels speak

Sandeep Patil elaborates on his journey in the world of photography and finding his true calling

Sandeep Patil was born in a typical Goan family where his father was a government employee and his mother a housewife. His father had a dream that on completing his education, Sandeep would take up a government job in order to secure his future and that of the family.

As a young lad, Sandeep’s career options kept on changing but the one thing that stuck with him was his love and desire for art, whether it was theatre, drama, music, painting, writing or dance; art was something that he enjoyed. He grew up hoping to excel in any one of these art forms, but things did not go as planned. He ended up graduating with a degree in Commerce and took up a job as an accountant in the private sector. Though he did not manage to shine in any art form, his desire and passion towards art was still alive in his heart. He then decided to take up photography as a career option. Back then buying a camera and film rolls was an expensive affair, but Sandeep’s inner voice urged him to follow his heart.

In 1996, he began learning the intricacies of photography on his own and with very little material available at hand; his journey was like a treasure hunt in a forest. He bought all the possible books on photography including fashion magazines and devoured all material that could add value to his passion.

Amongst all the genres of photography it was fashion photography that appealed to him and he knew he wanted to be a fashion photographer. Back then, people desiring to take up fashion photography as a career had an option of going to the United States or London, in order to get a formal education in fashion photography while assisting established photographers; or get in touch with a professional fashion photographer and learn from him. Both options were impossible for Sandeep and he decided to move to Mumbai. Much as he had no clue about what he would do in the big city, he went ahead with his plans. After giving in his resumé at different places, he finally landed up at the door step of Jagdish Mali, a well known name in the world of fashion and advertising.

From thereon, there was no turning back for Sandeep and he ended up working with prominent names in the industry like Israr Qureshi, Hari Mahidhar and Mangesh Pawar. It was his never-say-die attitude and his constant need to learn from the best that helped Sandeep achieve his goal. He considers himself fortunate to have these professionals as his mentors and was able to learn the real art of photography while also honing his skills. Sandeep worked with famous celebrities from the fashion world and attained national as well as international exposure. He has also worked with major international brands and fashion magazines.

As he continued learning he began to stand out in his work and finally decided to return to Goa and kickstart his career in fashion and advertising photography. Due to unforeseen circumstances he was not able to do so and began to focus on wedding photography. He continued with wedding photography for over a decade and his work was rated amongst the top ten in India. Although his work was appreciated on different platforms at the national level; Sandeep’s heart was not in his work. Post covid, when the wedding industry took a hit, he began looking out for other options. Sandeep began taking a keen interest in the rich heritage and architecture of Goa and felt that each architectural marvel wanted a story to be told. He took it up as a challenge and started dabbling in architectural photography. Sandeep’s pictures make his structures speak out and reveal their beauty to the common man. 

Sandeep finally found his true calling and has captured a number of villas and houses on camera. “My work gives me immense satisfaction and whenever I am able to make a house, hotel or villa speak out on camera, I know I am doing what I love,” he affirms.

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