Love is in the Hair!!!

Feeling like you need a nice romantic date out with your mane? Snip Salon and Spa has got the perfect solution: Kérastase Fusio-Dose

Everyone’s hair needs love from time to time. It is ok to sleep on it wet, subject it to sun rays, pollution, heat style it too often and to colour it within an inch of its life as long as one is planning to put the hours (and money) back into caring for it at some point.

So when Sumeet Bhobe of Snip Salon & Spa said he would like review of the new luxury brand, Kérastase with new Fusio-Dose treatments, I jumped at the offer.

Established as a passion project in 1999 in the avatar of a small and trendy hair salon, SNIP has metamorphosised into one of the country’s largest and most recognized brands spread over 4 branches and 16,500 sq ft. For over two decades, SNIP is renowned for its quality of service, innovation and its unparalleled customer-centric ethos.

With the cornerstone philosophy of ‘affordable luxury’, SNIP continues to grow and set its own benchmarks in the grooming and wellness industry.

Locals, business visitors and tourists swear by SNIP for the exemplary attention to detail, highly personalised menu of services and the finest international products.

Snip Salon & Spa, Porvorim

So on a bright Wednesday morning I walked into the humongous Snip branch at Porvorim. I was assigned to Erica, the salon’s top hairstylist, who took time to sit with me and discuss what my hair wanted and needed from the personalised conditioning treatment. I informed her that I had terrible hair fall thanks to various ailments over the years and she decided we’d go for an anti-hair loss Fusio dose which would make my hair look fuller and repair the hair fibre.

They have a range of special capsules full of hair-nourishing goodness that can be mixed and matched depending on your requirements. It all looked very slick and high-tech.

As a first step, the hairstylist and her assistant Muriel applied a mix of the Kerastase sea salt scrub and essential oil to my scalp to get rid of the flakes, dirt and excess oil. After rinsing my hair she applied the Kerastase Fusio Dose Concentré with a booster shot of the Kerastase Fusio-Dose Booster which would add density and strengthen the roots. This emulsion was massaged into my hair roots and hair. Next, two kinds of masks were applied. The first was the Kerastase Densifique with Hyaluronic and Stemoxydine which, when applied to the scalp, would amplify the roots of the hair so it looks and feels thicker. The next mask was the Kerastase Specifique Masque Hydra Apaisant with ingredients like Rhamnose and Complexe Aox which was applied to the strands so it feels and looks fuller. After applying both masks, my head was massaged for ten minutes to that the products would be absorbed.

After that, my scalp and hair were steamed with a fine mist steam so as to lock in all the enriching goodness.
After rinsing my hair two kinds of hair serums were applied to the roots and strands; the Kerastase Initialiste which gives nutrients to the roots; and the Kerastase Elixir Ultime which protects the hair from heat.

Lastly, my hair was blow dried and styled giving it a volumising look. The first noticeable difference besides the softer, smoother texture and delicious smell was the lesser number of strands on my comb the next morning. The hairstylist recommends getting the treatment done every 15 days for long term results.

There are five kinds of the Kérastase Fusio-Dose Concentrés. The Nutrition Concentré Oléo Fusion which is designed for instant nutrition and softness, this micro- emulsion of natural jojoba and avocado oils provides immediate nutrition from roots to ends – without weighing down the hair; the Shine Concentré Pixelist, which is an ultra-fine emulsion of micro-luminescent active ingredients that coat the hair fiber and help provide radiance for hair
colour; the Strength Concentré Vita-Ciment, which is a biomimetic cellular cement made of ceramides that helps repair and protect the hair fiber while filling in any gaps to provide uniformity and the Density Concentré Densifique which is a concentrated enriched with pro-calcium to instantly help the hair look stronger and fuller.

Meanwhile, there are six Kérastase Fusio-Dose Boosters. The Booster Cicafibre which is formulated with concentrated healing ingredients to instantly restore hair that’s been sensitized by lighting and to minimize the oxidation; the Booster Nutrition which helps fill in the hair fiber to provide three times more nutrition; the Booster Brilliance whose polymers adhere to the overprocessed areas of the hair, smoothing the cuticle with the help of zinc gluconate and vitamin E; the Booster Reconstruction which promises gorgeous, model perfect hair; the Booster Densité for thickerlooking, better-feeling hair and the Booster Discipline which provides and an anti-frizz effect while making detangling easier and amping up manageability. Thanks to this formula, hair is left with 72-hour anti frizz protection and smoothness.

Think of Fusio-Dose as a customised in-salon treatment for your specific hair needs. The formulas contain concentrated active ingredients which fuse – get the name now? – for mega results. The process treats your hair and has lasting results, leading to hair that’s visibly transformed.

During your Kérastase treatment, your hairstylist will ask you plenty of questions about the problems that you
have with your hair and your hair goals before concocting a customized Fusio-Dose recipe just for your hair, mixing one of four concentrés with a booster for one of 20 possible treatment combinations.

So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment at Snip Salon & Spa for gorgeous, healthy hair. Thank me later.

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