The book Leapfrog: Six Practices to Thrive at Work by Mukesh Sud and Priyank Narayan is for professionals and entrepreneurs who desire to progress their careers but are unsure of where to start. To assist readers in navigating their professional futures with confidence, the writers break down the process into six practises. There is a lot of useful advice offered here, especially for senior professionals who worry about being replaced by adaptable newcomers to the workforce.

Narayan is the founding director of the Ashoka University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, and Sud is an associate professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. As they have experience in entrepreneurship with backgrounds in academia, they provide perspectives and examples from both fields. The authors reference studies from sociologists, economists, psychologists, and neuroscientists, among other disciplines. They also present concepts from companies like Google, McKinsey & Company, Netflix, Volkswagen, and Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

The book is broken up into six chapters, one for each suggestion made by the authors:
Building grit and the capacity to enjoy boredom are the first steps to take.

The second strategy, based on behavioural economics, emphasises encouraging oneself to make wiser decisions. The third mantra entails admitting intellectual limitations and practising intellectual humility. The next chapter on combining disciplines praises the beauty of how ideas can come together to form new ones. You will need to carefully select choices to keep your attention on what matters to you in a world filled with noise and nonsense. The final exercise trains your entrepreneurial thinking and strengthens your capacity for assertiveness. An introduction to the book’s core concepts comes before these.

For those who want to delve deeper, the writers have also provided a toolbox, an epilogue, an appendix, notes, and references.

This book proposes to help you grow your career at a remarkable rate, with its six evidence-based ideas.

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