Invest Goa 2024 Summit on 29th Jan

Goa Industrial Development Corporation (Goa-IDC) in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), as a National Partner, is organising ‘Invest Goa 2024’ on 29th January 2024 with the objective of promoting new investments in the state.

The announcement was held in the presence of Mauvin Godinho, Minister for Industries, Trade and Commerce, Government of Goa; Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco, Chairman-Goa-IDC; Pravimal Abhishek, IAS, Managing Director, Goa-IDC; and Swati Salgaocar, Deputy Chairperson, CII Western Region.

The Summit aims at providing a platform for key stakeholders to interact, brainstorm, and deliberate on the leading best practices and the way forward to tap opportunities of growth for Goa.

The Summit will witness participation of industry experts, key government officials, thought leaders, distinguished political personalities along with other eminent stakeholders.

The Summit will showcase the launch of various initiatives taken by Goa-IDC to enhance the Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) in the state and various platforms being provided to industries interested in investing in Goa.

The Summit will also showcase a sectoral session on ‘Logistics and Warehousing’ sector on the theme ‘Unleashing strategic investments in Logistics and Warehousing for Sustainable Growth,’; a sectoral session on the ‘IT/ITeS’ sector on the theme ‘Tech Transformation: Navigating the Digital Future’ and a country session on the theme ‘Global Synergy for Sustainable Prosperity: Collaborative Growth at Invest Goa 2024.’

Organising an event like Invest Goa 2024 brings numerous benefits to Goa, like other large-scale investment summits. These include:

Attracting Investments: Invest Goa 2024 is a platform to showcase the state’s economic strengths and potential, attracting national and international investors. This leads to increased investment in various sectors, fuelling economic growth.

Recognition: Such events enhance Goa’s visibility on the national and global stage, positioning it as a prime destination for business and investment. It helps in building a positive image and reputation internationally.

Economic Diversification: While Goa is already known for its robust tourism sector, events like Invest Goa 2024 help in diversifying the state’s economy by attracting investments in new and varied sectors like renewable energy, logistics and warehousing, IT and ITeS.

Job Creation: Increased investment leads to the creation of employment opportunities across various sectors, benefiting the local population.

Policy Formulation: Interaction with investors and business leaders provides valuable insights for policy making, helping the state government to create a more business-friendly environment.

Networking Opportunities: It provides a platform for local businesses to interact with national and international companies’; foster partnerships, collaborations, and trade opportunities.

Minister for Industries, Trade and Commerce Mauvin Godinho, said, “I am thrilled to share the collaborative strides made through the GIDC, partnering with CII and the Investment Promotion and Facilitation Board. Invest Goa 2024 marks a crucial juncture in shaping the industrial landscape. Our commitment to transparency was emphasised with the launch of the New Industrial Policy and the Warehouse and Logistics Policy last year. These policies not only transformed the functioning of GIDC but also laid the groundwork for a more dynamic industrial scenario. With the support of organisations like CII, we have fostered an ecosystem where the Ease of Doing Business truly lives up to its name. The keen interest from both national and global entities in Goa is noteworthy, and it underscores the need for top-notch facilities and a friendly business environment.

Goa is on the cusp of a significant transformation, poised to become a hub for eco-friendly industries. Our formulated policies and the establishment of a global and national presence are propelling us forward. The positive inquiries that we are receiving affirm Goa’s potential to be recognised for environmentally conscious industries in entertainment, IT, and IT-enabled services. Looking ahead, I envision not only the expansion of existing units but also a surge in production, fostering cost-efficiency. We are actively simplifying processes to facilitate the growth of current units while working to attract new industries to contribute to the economic vibrancy of Goa”

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