Insights from the 53rd National Safety Day and Week Celebrations 2024 in Panjim

The 53rd National Safety Day and Week Celebrations 2024, jointly organized by the Green Triangle Society, Panjim, under the aegis of the Inspectorate of Factories and Boilers, commenced at the Caculo Mall Terminal Banquets, St Inez, Panjim. With the theme ‘Focus on Safety Leadership for ESG Excellence,’ the event marked a pivotal shift towards integrating safety practices with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Goa State Industries Association (GSIA) President Anirudh Dempo emphasized the significance of safety and advocated for advanced measures to ensure the well-being of the working class in the industrial sector. Keynote speaker Kishore Shah, managing trustee of GDP Foundation, highlighted the importance of ESG excellence and urged industries to implement safety measures on a large scale.

Shah stressed the evolving role of safety from mere management to a critical aspect for investors, as they increasingly consider the character of companies alongside financial results. He emphasized the need for industries to align with societal activities and adopt a circular economy responsibility. Shah underscored the surge in ESG investments over the last decade and urged industries to incorporate ESG appraisals into their practices.

Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers Anant S Pangam, along with the  Secretary of Green Triangle Society, also addressed the audience. The Chairman of Green Triangle Society, Dr Pradeep Padwal, welcomed the gathering, while Inspector of Factories Sanjay R Naik proposed a vote of thanks. Manesh Shrivant, Board Member of Green Triangle Society, conducted the program.

Successful candidates of the ‘Four weeks Certificate Course in Safety and Health for Supervisory Personnel Working in Hazardous Process Industries’ were honored with certificates, presented by Anirudh Dempo and other dignitaries present at the occasion

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