Innovative Breakthrough: Fatorda College secures patent for cost-effective Laterite Composite Brick

The Don Bosco College of Engineering (DBCE), Fatorda, has achieved a significant milestone as its students’ final year project, a cost-effective composite brick made of laterite, recently received a patent certificate from a central government agency. Aimed at addressing the challenges of sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials, the patented project offers a solution that is not only cost-effective but also maintains a high standard of strength. Those involved in the project are encouraging more innovative ideas to apply for patents. The project, conceived by former DBCE students Atish Lolienkar, Shwetang Nadkarni, Gaurai Naik Gaunekar, Sajal Kamat, and Vikesh Malik, along with their mentor Professor Satyesh Kakodkar, won Goa’s Most Innovative Project in 2019 before applying for the patent. Despite the arduous process, the group persisted with the support of the Goa State Innovation Council, led by officer Sudip Faldessai, DBCE Principal Dr Neena Panandikar, and patent lawyers Rahul Bagga and Nisha Wadhwa.

Atish Lolienkar, one of the project leaders, expressed pride in receiving the patent grant, emphasizing the five-year journey from the provisional patent to the final grant. He hopes that this achievement will inspire more civil engineering students at the college to pursue patents, fostering a positive atmosphere for innovation. The patented invention utilizes laterite combined with a specific amount of fiber and water, forming blocks suitable for the construction industry. Professor Satyesh Kakodkar highlighted the significance of repurposing laterite powder, which previously had zero market value, into bricks as a sustainable alternative to concrete blocks. He emphasized the cooling properties of these laterite-based blocks.

Professor Kakodkar urged students and institutions to consider patents as an option for their research projects, emphasizing the potential for technology transfer and royalties in the construction and building block manufacturing sector. Despite the time-consuming nature of obtaining patents, he stressed the need for dedication and hard work. DBCE Principal Dr Neena Panandikar expressed immense pride in the students’ accomplishments, noting that it showcases their exceptional talent, dedication, and innovative thinking. She emphasized the college’s commitment to promoting innovation and stimulating creative thinking among its students. The patent’s registration on the virtual register of the Goa State Innovation Council underscores the significance of the students’ contribution.


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