Ingenious virus-neutralising device

Shycocan: Covid prevention mechanism based on groundbreaking concept by Indian scientist

India is witnessing a spike in covid-19 cases across the country. This is in line with a modeling study conducted earlier this year by IIT-Kanpur, according to which India is likely to witness the fourth wave starting  June 22, with its peak occurring in August. A pandemic wave instills a fear of loss of health and business continuity.

Goa, whose per capita income is the highest in the country, is driven by industries, the tourism  and pharmaceutical sectors which are vulnerable to the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic.

In the last two years, the  state has witnessed tourism coming to a grinding halt and industrial estates becoming
covid hotspots. The pressing question is: Can the State of Goa, businesses and individuals cope with another variant, pandemic, or a viral outbreak from known or future viruses? Will the state be able to handle another  lockdown?

Personal safety measures like masks, social distancing and vaccination are necessary but are not  sustainable in the long run. For business continuity and the well-being of the state, we need to take initiative and prepare for viral outbreaks in advance. There is an immediate need to adopt mass safety measures like viral defense  technologies to ensure protection from transmission of viruses in indoor spaces. Businesses across the world are  now pivoting to adopting these measures to protect their indoor premises from the transmission of viruses.

Shycocan is one such mass safety device globally adopted to stop the transmission of viruses in indoor spaces. This is an indigenous technology proven to be safe and highly effective against viruses that cause seasonal  flu, coronavirus (including covid-19), sore throat, common cold, and respiratory tract infections, amongst others.  The device works on a unique technology that makes it equally effective on known and future variants of these viruses, with no side effects and veritable safety.

The blueprint technology for the device was conceptualised by the  prolific Indian scientist Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, who is a passionate inventor in the fields of radiobiology, biophysics and nanotechnology.

Spearheaded by Alok Sharma, Shycocan CEO and ex-Apple MD (India) and Wipro Alumni,  Shycocan Corporation has ensured that the device brought to the mass market is made available globally for  everyone’s safety. In early 2009, Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, who is also the inventor of a cancer treatment device, observed a few interesting notes about viral pandemics. He noticed that the incidence of infectious disease spread along the equator was the lowest compared to other parts of the world. While most brushed this off as an effect of high atmospheric temperatures, Dr Vijay Rajah Kumar gleaned that it could be due to the high frequency of photons at the equator which are different from other locations. These photons were  naturally allaying the spread of viral infections in equatorial regions.  Through a stroke of brilliant bio-mimicry, he embarked on a journey to build a super alloy which could efficiently   imitate the generation of high-frequency photons that would indirectly reduce and attenuate virus transmissions.

Viruses like coronavirus and influenza carry a positive charge on their capsid shell and attach to the negatively charged human cells to cause infection. The Shycocan device artificially produces highfrequency photons of different frequencies which in turn creates, excites and liberates clouds of negatively-charged electrons in the  enclosed space. These electrons and photons attach to the positively charged viruses and viral particles in the air and neutralise them, owing to their opposite charge.

This process is repeated by continuous device operation and is proven to provide up to 99.9% virus attenuation  efficacy in indoor spaces.

Affordability aside, the device is compactly sized, with a length of 250mm and a diameter  of 260mm. It weighs around 6 to 8.5 kgs (Net/Gross) and can be wall mounted.

The body shell of the device is made  of durable dielectric material, carries a power rating of 40 W, and safeguards an effective area of 1000 sq ft.

By installing Shycocan, one can create a safe virus transmission free environment and ensure business continuity  by weathering through viral outbreaks, pandemics, and endemics.

Today, the virus-safe zones created by Shycocan are helping cull uncertainty in worldwide business operations, gain customers and employees’ confidence by staying operational during outbreaks, boosting employee productivity and in turn, raking in business profits.

We encourage businesses to consider Shycocan if business continuity, employee health and profitability are your concern.

SHYCOCAN is scientifically acceptable and a thoroughly validated device: Manoj Patil


“The individual safety measures adopted during COVID-19 pandemic are necessary but not sustainable in the long  run. With this pandemic showing no signs of disappearance, we wanted a solution which could protect us from the  current and any of the future variants of SARSCOV- 2. We started evaluating technologies and that is when we came  across SHYCOCAN. We found SHYCOCAN to be most scientifically acceptable and a thoroughly validated device both for safety and efficacy. Additionally, the device was very simple to install and requires no maintenance. Since the time we have installed, there has been no COVID-19 transmission in the premises with  SHYCOCAN. We are very happy and hope the innovation reaches larger audience as innovations like these are absolutely necessary for a future which could have more pandemics coming our way”

Shycocan is the world’s first virus attenuation device invented by a prolific Indian scientist, Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar

Enamoured with this device? Shycocan answers your queries

What is Shycocan and why is there a need for a device like this?
The last two decades have witnessed many severe outbreaks like SARS, MERS, swine flu, covid-19 with its variants,  and the recent monkeypox. Flu itself accounts for 1 billion people falling sick every year with more than half a million deaths and trillions of  dollars of loss to the economy. The threat of viruses continues to increase with  incessant onslaught on the environment and research on biological weaponry and warfare. There is a need to put  protection from viruses as one of the priorities under ‘Health and Safety’ for every organisation, big or small. As we learn from the pandemic, there is a need to look at virus protection for the next 5-10 years. No business can afford its employees, supply chain and partners to be victims of viral diseases and undergo losses due to disruption in business continuity. It is now clear that personal safety measures like vaccination, masks and social distancing are necessary but not sufficient.
Hence, there is a need to create an extra layer of safety by creating safe indoor spaces that protect from the transmission of viruses. Such devices are called virus attenuation devices. Shycocan is the world’s first virus  attenuation device invented by a prolific Indian scientist, Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar. With biomimicry, that is, the practice of examining and emulating what happens in nature to solve a practical human problem, he created a super alloy that can produce the same spectrum of photons. This device was built in end 2017 initially to combat the scourge of seasonal flus, prior to the pandemic. Shycocan intends to create safe, virus transmission-free indoor premises to ensure safety of employees, customers and residents. It works on a unique technology which disables viruses such as coronavirus, influenza, adenovirus, rhinovirus, etc, which are both air and surface borne.  Today, Shycocan is being used by businesses around the world to ensure a healthy environment for employees and  business continuity.

Goa Market Perspective
We have appointed Armour Office Automation as our partner a year back and have installations at many marquee customers like IFB, Molbio Diagnostics, Taj Hotels, Planet Hollywood, Lupin, Commscope, Sanofi, real  state companies and houses of high profile customers. We are thankful to these customers for giving first priority to the safety of their employees, customers and family by adopting an innovative technology like Shycocan. We have a lot of interest in our technology across sectors in Goa, as it is one of the top tourist and manufacturing hubs in the world. Our vision is to promote Goa as a model state for safety from viral diseases and future pandemics as a global reference.

What are the focus sectors for Shycocan? 

A Shycocan device can protect an area of 1000 sq. ft. of  enclosed space. Since it is more effective in indoor spaces, the device can create safe spaces across industries such as manufacturing, tourism, hospitality, schools, hospitals, and offices. As manufacturing and tourism are Goa’s lifelines, manufacturing units, production lines, offshore casinos, hotel rooms, resorts, and indoor pool areas can  stand  to benefit from this device

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