Importance of ESG

India has been witnessing a rise in the demand for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reports, ESG compliant companies and start-ups created on the lines to bolster ESG. The Indian Financial institutions have created separate ESG funds and some investment funds have shifted their core investments in the companies focussed on ESG only. The need for the ESG reports from the foreign investors is surmounting every day.

In the wake of the present ongoing SEBI has formed ESG ERP guidelines and are taking initiatives to formalize the ratings in India. The India Inc has realized the importance of the subject of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) with the growing demand Internationally.

The crux remains on the knowledge of the subject. With the dynamic development of the concept the implementation of it is still in the hands of few, who are aware because of practical experience with International clients. The lack of experts in this field poses a sheer challenge for Indian companies to adhere to ESG, let alone integrating the concept in the business.

In the new financial world, the emphasis is given to measuring the intangible as much as to the financial outcomes of a business. Globally ESG investments have proven to outperform conventional investment decisions and also ensure business longevity. Between 2018 and 2036, the ESG investment industry is predicted to grow 43%, leading to significant global assets of US$160tn

The dearth of knowledge would harm not only India Inc. but also the young generation who want to develop their future in the Corporate world. The Indian education system needs to impart know-how on the new field. In order to upkeep the new generation with the knowledge and empowering the Indian industry, IICSR and Sustainability knowledge management is organizing

An in person workshop on “Measuring the Non-Tangibles – ESG” for corporate professionals and students in North Goa on 10th-11th June 2022. This is an opportunity for the Goan industries to take the advantage and be ready for the International investment market.

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