IIT Goa works towards improving upon the technology scene of the State

The well-known tech institute of Goa, joins forces with SAP India and Goa Government’s Information Technology Council

With the recent green light for the setting up of a center for industry education at the Indian Institute of Technology by its committee members, the Information Technology Council of Goa Government has persuaded the notable institution into a collaboration that will aid students to well-equip themselves with the necessary brain power and technical skills in order to play an active role within the industry.

Prof B. K. Mishra, Director of Indian Institute of Technology, Goa, informed that the center will administer courses that are relevant to the industry, along with certificates and diploma programmes for working professionals and recent graduates. He further emphasised the important aspects of the National Education Policy (2020), that sheds light on the requirements placed upon working professionals to upskill themselves as well as recent graduates to be industry-ready and thus, academic institutions are encouraged to work jointly with leading corporates that offer industry-relevant courses.

Dr Sharad Sinha, Associate Professor and Associate Dean at IIT Goa, announced that the Industry Education Center has set up an Executive Post-Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning in association with SAP India, wherein the company will provide fundamental IT systems to almost all types of industries and those successful will obtain a Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) certification.

Additionally, the course will be offered online, however, it will also include on-campus training for a period of five days at the end.

The programme in collaboration with SAP India will offer priority to principal areas of SAP High-performance and Analytic Appliance (HANA) Sales, SAP S4 Finance, Accounting, and various business modules.

The Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has established a Drone Applications Center at IIT Goa and will support it financially with a sum of `1.5 crore, for the next five years. Therefore, IIT Goa will team up with different departments of the Goa government, in order to utilise the efficiency of drone technology within the State. Prof Mishra stated that key emphasis will be laid on drone education and training at the Center for Drone Applications. In interest of building drone technology potential in the state, the center will conduct research on using the various applications of UAVs in different fields such as agriculture, coastal surveillance, and in the enforcement of traffic rules that also includes a sub-project of using drone technology to ensure bike-users follow the rule of wearing protective gear.

All activities held at Goa’s Center for Drone Applications will be coordinated with Hyderabad’s autonomous entity, Center for Development of Advanced which is under the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The Ministry in addition to supporting the Center’s projects and pursuits for the first five years, it will also provide extended support if needed, as the center will be giving out short-term training programmes in order to achieve self- sustainability, Dr Sinha stated.

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