“I believe that the market is always there, you just have to learn to take your piece of the pie”

Parth Teli speaks about starting his company, SkullzMedia and getting into the world of digital advertising

Parth Teli is an alumnus of Sharada Mandir School and went on to complete his 12th standard (Science) from the same institution. By nature, Parth is an extrovert and enjoys going out with his friends and has a keen interest in sports. He has played cricket for Goa, in the under-14 category and has partaken in all sport activities when in school. From a very young age he had a keen sense of analysing situations very practically, which made him decide on being an entrepreneur at the tender age of 17.
Parth set up his digital advertising company, SkullzMedia in March 2020, just before India went into lockdown and in a span of a year he has clients all over the country.
He elaborates on his decision to get into advertising. “Opportunity is what drove me towards digital advertising. I noticed that there is a huge potential for growth in the digital marketing sphere. The market always needed advertising agencies and will always need advertising agencies, because businesses want to grow and today we can help them grow digitally and faster than ever! Advertising is all about how many eyeballs one can grab. Most of the eyeballs are now glued to the online space. It makes sense that online space has to boom and I thought of tapping into this area.”
SkullzMedia began in March 2020 and as of date, have worked with 40+ clients all over India. Parth has a team of five, extremely creative and talented individuals, which includes him. SkullzMedia focuses on hiring the best person for the job, based on the saying, “Your business is only as good as the people in it.” Their motto lies in coming up with creative and effective solutions for brands in the digital space which will help increase their sales and brand awareness. Nothing drives him and his team, more than client satisfaction and happiness, which Parth considers much more valuable than any kind of monetary returns.
Parth is the CEO of SkullzMedia, wherein the operations, HR and financials are looked after by him. He then goes on to speak about his team mates and the value that they bring to the table. “All my teammates are immensely creative, talented and experts in their own field, they have great passion for their work, they will work with me even till 3 a.m. to get the job done. These people bring immense value to the table as they are the ones who help me deliver results to my clients on time.” As a leader, Parth’s duty is to motivate his team, bringing out the potential in them, while they are the ones who are the driving force of the company.
SkullzMedia offers three core services to their clients which are funnel building, paid advertisements, strategy development and execution. They focus on mainly these three services so that they can concentrate on them and provide good results to their clients. Their main focus is the Return on Investment for their clients which they can do when offering a few, but essential services in their line of work.
Parth along with his team use Zoom to co-ordinate with clients all over India. “To our luck, Covid worked in our favour. It wasn’t practical to go meet people in different States and thankfully we now have the option of having meetings over Zoom.”
Parth says that the response to any business is solely dependent on one’s effort in bringing the response. “It depends on all the effort you put in reaching out to people, getting more connections which can get you more business. Results can only be achieved when you have put in the efforts to get in results. I believe the market is always there, you just have to learn to take your piece of the pie.”
SkullzMedia has worked with brands like Goenkart, a Goan multi vendor platform, whose website and app were recently launched by the Chief Minister of Goa. They are currently working with NRB Group and their subsidiaries like 10 Calangute, Sarth Wellness. They are also handling real estate firms like Pacific Estates who are from Mumbai. SkullzMedia has clients in the resorts and hospitality industry like Soneca Cola Beach Resort.
SkullzMedia also has a unit which does sub-contracted work for other leading agencies. This, he says, is one of his client acquisition strategy.
Parth having started his venture just before the lockdown, feels that he has learned a lot in his one year as a business person. “I have learnt key skills like how to interact with people, how to deal with negative people, how to manage my employees, how to strategise and negotiate with people, not to mention all the core business skills. All this has enhanced me as a person and I feel almost like I’m older by a decade, thanks to the practical hands-on experience that I have been lucky to get.” He further says that Covid hadn’t impacted his business much as he started just before the lockdown and he had nowhere to go, but on the top.
Regarding his future plans, Parth says, “We are just starting out. There is a lot more to go. My main goal is to work with more of quality clients than quantity. I have a goal of reaching the top five digital marketing companies in Goa, at the earliest.” Personally he believes that one should have multiple sources of income and the secret lies in multiplying the money through investments, which results in explosive growth!
Parth reflects on the digital advertising scene by saying, “The world of digital advertising is great. But then, there is also a lot of competition. If you have the love and passion for digital marketing and advertising, if you know you can bring value to the table, only then one should enter the world of marketing, digital or otherwise. The end goal should be to make your clients happy.
One should be creative, enterprising and keep doing your work without any expectation of results. That’s when you will actually succeed.” Parth believes that hardwork when coupled with ‘smartwork’ produces astonishing results

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