Heta Pandit pens new book, Stories from Goan Houses

Heta Pandit’s new book, Stories from Goan Houses was released recently. The book documents the stories of families who have helped shape the state, played important roles, rebuilt and renovated Goan houses and the local legends, stories and myths that lends Goa the distinctive blend of tradition and novelty. The book features 21 homes with photography by Daniel D’Souza and focuses on the lives, struggles and triumphs of the people who are looking after houses. Heta currently lives in Saligao and has had a wide range of career stints in advertising, journalism and has worked with Dr. Jane Goodall in the field of chimpanzee research in Tanzania. After pioneering multiple heritage awareness and action movements in Bombay, she has been living in Goa for the last 26 years, where she co-founded Goa Heritage Action Group in 2000; which is dedicated to the advocacy of preservation, conservation and restoration of Goa’s natural, built and cultural heritage.

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