Healthy and tasty!

Brunch Bites is serving meals that are fresh, healthy, hygienic, and delicious – with an aim to revolutionize eating habits of Goa and the world

Run by the husband and wife duo of Pritam and Amruta Onsker, Brunch Bites is an app that delivers meal boxes to individuals, school-going children, corporates, industries, and a variety of events. The enterprise has been serving Goa since 2018 and endeavours to deliver tasty and nutritious food to all its recipients. 

Brunch Bites was originally founded by a couple of Pritam’s friends. Having worked in the corporate world for well over two decades, Pritam was invited by his friends in order to guide and help them execute their plans for the company.

The two founders initially had a very capital expenditures (CapEx) heavy plan and wanted to invest in their own kitchen and appliances. However, with the arrival of Pritam, Brunch Bites adopted an asset light model with the goal of leading the company towards success.

Thus, the meals are outsourced from various cloud kitchens that have to follow the standard operating procedures set up by the company. Brunch Bites has partnered up with the right set of partners in order to deliver quality meals and services. Taking into consideration theexpertise of various cloud kitchens, a menu is carefully put together that not only satisfies the customers’ palates but also provides nutritional benefits. For example, your Bengali meals will be especially sourced from a Bengali kitchen and the Parsi dishes from a Parsi kitchen. With the unique selling point of health, hygiene, and homeliness, Brunch Bites takes a different approach to the assortment of cuisines found across Goa. Each meal includes a delicious main course, a tasty side dish, and a dessert to placate your sweet-tooth. 

The cloud kitchens use only fresh ingredients and prepare the food in a hygienic environment. The menu is changed periodically and includes items that engage and excite the customers. The meal subscription plans are flexible, customer centric and can be booked at discounted rates.

Brunch Bites tries to maintain a combination of meals that are healthy as well as delicious. In the instance of school-going children, it provides food that is colourful, filling, and appetizing. For example, their mini burgers come with beetroot patties which are in equal parts enjoyable and healthy.

Even though the advent of the covid pandemic came with its own trials and tribulations, Brunch Bites managed to stay in business. The company tweaked its business model and started catering to industries. This vertical was a huge success and as a result Brunch Bites serves more than 2,200 meals per day at present. 

As Pritam says, “The company maps its success not only with the number of people we deliver meals to but also the number of people that are actually satisfied with those meals.” Brunch Bites provides its customers not just with what it has but what they want. They have a high level of customisation when it comes to their customers. In addition to this, the enthusiastic and dedicated team ensures that the meal is delivered on time through a meticulously designed delivery network. This network has not failed since the time of its conception and maintains a 100% successful track record.

Brunch Bites is also one of the only three startups to receive a seed capital of `25 lakh from the Government of Goa under the new Start-Up Policy. Consequently, Brunch Bites is all geared up for future expansions. After Goa, they have set up a base in Pune and are looking to move on to other major cities like Bangalore and Chennai. As the population in these cities is mainly one which prefers to order meals online, the company plans to capitalize on this opportunity with the help of their app.

Brunch Bites’ main motto is to provide scrumptious meals that can be savoured and its taste embedded in the consumers’ memories for times to come. When asked about his advice to other startups in order to build a successful enterprise, Pritam says, “Since many companies fail because they have a lot of capital invested in various assets, emerging startups should build business models which have a relentless focus on execution of ideas that are capex light. With this, startups can evolve as well as sustain the business for a longer period of time.”

A company whose winning formula centres around a flawless execution of its plans and a relentless focus on its objectives, Brunch Bites has succeeded in establishing itself as a sustainable startup ecosystem. It proves that the best strategies can be successful if they are executed with the right culture of ownership. 

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